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  • rochellyheart
    10 April 2018
    Fiction, Humor and Comedy, Music, Romance

  • Minsan hanap tayo nang hanap ng "meant to be" natin. Lumingon pa tayo sa likod at sumulyap pa sa kaliwa at kanan... Yun pala, nandyan lang sya sa tabi mo...


  • Authoress
    30 May 2018
    Chick Lit, Fiction

  • There were so many things they could have done, yes, but this was the situation they ended up in. Lovers destined to only meet in the summer.

  • 02 January 2018
    Entertainment, Fiction, Romance

  • What will you do if you only have 24 days left? A story of two souls searching for answers. Will you take the chance or will you let chance take you?
  • Sassy Missy
    03 May 2018
    Fiction, Romance

  • What if you have fallen into love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time? Will you rather ignore your heart or follow its beat?
  • greatfairy
    24 May 2018
    Fiction, Romance

  • "Go home to your wife and leave me alone, Mr. Mijares. Hindi ko pinangarap na maging kabit mo..." -Allenda Aragon