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James Reid Announced as Pedro Penduko

NoInk Staff   |   23 November 2017

Renewed interest in Philippine komiks? We think so!

History Con started with a presscon for the international TV stars we all know and love from the History Channel—My personal favorite, Corey Harrison (Pawn Stars), Jaime Dempsey (Ride N’ Seek), Justin Mott (Photo Face Off), “Horny” Mike Henry (Counting Cars), Danielle Colby (The Pickers), Ryu Lim (Forged in Fire) and Phoemela Baranda (Celebrity Car Wars).

From FYI’s hit shows, we have John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin (Tiny House Nation), and Adam Liaw (Destination Flavour). We also had freestyle basketball dunker, Jordan Kilganon joining the lineup, as well as Takeru Kobayashi, one of the world’s most extraordinary professional competitive eaters (yes, that’s a real thing!!). To refresh your memory, he broke the record of hotdog eating by downing 50 hotdogs in 12 minutes. And lastly, we have Barry E. Wilmore, a real life astronaut!!! How cool is that?!

In the middle of all the excitement, there was a special announcement on stage that commanded the audience’s attention—JAMES REID was there! The announcement was confirmation that the star will play the titular role of Pedro Penduko in the upcoming film adaptation!!

It looks like our young stars are taking over the classic Pinoy komiks, from Liza playing Darna to James as Pedro Penduko, and making them relevant to today’s youth, and that’s always something exciting to see!