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Want to know what Edward Barber’s dream is?

NoInk   |   18 December 2017

An exclusive interview with the Oppastar!

The launch of He’s my Oppastar Book 2 was a huge success! The event area was jampacked by the MayWard fandom, and the Mangaserye Book 2 was sold out!

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Mr. Mark Yambot, Managing Director of ABS-CBN Publishing Inc.,

together with Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata

We found out that Edward loved reading ever since he was a kid. He even shared to us the very first book he read which was about Star Wars.

“I’ve been fond of books. When I was a kid, my mom didn’t want me to play online or with electronics. So, every time my mom drove me to school, I have a book. And when she drove back, I read the book again.”

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Apart from being a celebrity, Edward dreams of having his very own book!

“My dream is to become an author.”

He writes mostly on summer holidays, and his topics are usually about zombies because he is such a huge fan. He also added that English is his best subject and that he understood Shakespeare very much.

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