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IN PHOTOS: Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2017 Day 1

NoInk Staff   |   23 November 2017


National Book Store celebrates love for great literature through the Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2017!

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The annual collaboration between National Book Store and Raffles Makati features a diverse and rich lineup of authors and artist. The three-day event (which was held last August 25-27) aims to further strengthen our love for reading and appreciation of our culture.

ABS-CBN Publishing Inc. supported the festival by celebrating the passion for the literary arts through the following seminars:

How to Engage Your Audience Online

Speakers: Lloyd Cadena, Kara Karinyosa, and Alex Calleja

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How to Write Modern Poetry and Akin Lang Naman Book Launch

Speaker: Gloc-9

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How to Write for Films

Speakers: Iris Lacap, Jancy Nicolas, and Direk Mae Cruz Alviar

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Writing for Millennials: Content that Catch Attention

Speakers: Queen Elly, Jamille Fumah, and Charmaine Lasar

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This three-day event featured bestselling international and local authors, as well as book signings, discussions, and panels about books, literature, and culture. All events were held at Raffles Makati.