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Image Description AnnaBanana0405   |   11 January 2018

Two broken souls should equate to a whole, right? But, will Maymay and Edward make each other whole? Or further break each other?

"You're ripped at every edge, but you're a masterpiece"

I've been to all kinds of clubs; clubs that only offers strippers and clubs that have other kinds of special services. Typically, I would be at my favorite strip club; but tonight, I ended up here in MES, a burlesque club. I have heard many great things about this club. People say the dancers are all young, fresh, and beautiful.

"Sir, welcome to MES. Enjoy" the woman winks after letting me in. I noticed that her name tag says Myth, and she is beautiful. "Wow, even women guarding their doors are beautiful. Not a bad start after all."

I grab the chair near the empty stage. I check my watch and it says 11:24 PM, "shit, too early! What to do now?" I whisper to myself.

MES looks just like any other clubs I have been before. There is a stage in the middle for the performers, a bar on one side for the people who just want to drink, neon lights shining against the giant metallic ball in the middle, and men are scattered everywhere. Some men are in groups, but most men, like me, are alone. For the most part, men go to these kinds of places to forget and be someone else for the night. But not me, I am as real as anybody can be.

A server approaches me, "Sir, my name is Sky. Would you like anything to drink?" she offers.

"Uhm, sure. Scotch. On the rocks, please" I smile at her. She is also beautiful, and all I could think is "if the servers are this beautiful, then I can't wait to see the dancers."

Sky is back in an instant. "Here you go Sir. Oh! and Ria, our bartender over there" she points to the bar, "wants to know if this scotch is good enough or you want something more aged?" she asks.

I put the glass closer to my lips and drink from it. The amber liquid feels  so good down my throat, "Oh, this is fine. Thank you Sky! And tell Ria, keep them coming" I smile at her.

I finished my scotch right away, and as soon as I did, another waitress is beside me already. "Hi Sir, good evening. My name is Jea, would you like a refill of that scotch?" she asks as she bats her eyelashes at me.

"Sure, but hey Jea. Can I ask you something?" I motion for her to come closer, to which she gladly oblige.

"Yes Sir?" she asks.

"Why are all of you so beautiful here?" I ask.

She blushes, "Jeez Sir, you are only saying that because it's dark here" she smiles, "I'll go get your scotch" she walks away.

I look around, MES is full of beautiful girls and I start to wonder if that is actually a requirement for them.

"Here you go Sir and enjoy the show" she says as she returns.

I check my watch, it is now 11:59. The announcer finally arrives on stage, "Hello ladies?  Wait!!!" she scans the room. "No ladies in the house tonight?! Then hello gentlemen! My name is Anne and I am your presenter tonight. My partner is over there." she points to the booth. "Her name is Gabbie! Wave to Gabbie gentlemen!" everyone's attention are suddenly on the beautiful girl in the booth.

Anne and Gabbie look like a lethal combination. They are both beautiful and their voices sound so lively. Anne speaks again, "So tonight! I don't care what reason you guys have for being here. It could be... because your girlfriend cheated on you? left you for your best friend, maybe? or you caught them doing the deed in your bedroom?" everyone laugh. Anne raises her hand to hush the people down, "We are all here tonight because you all deserve a treat! And a treat is what you will get. Welcome to MES!" everyone respond with laughter, applause, and cheers. Well, everyone except me.

Anne's words seem to have hit me hard, it still feels like everything just happened yesterday.

It was supposed to be a hot summer night, but the rainfall was just pouring down really hard. When I got inside our house, the first thing I noticed was the leather jacket on our coat rack.

"Uhm, Marco is here? What could he be doing here?" I whispered to myself. For some odd reason, my heart started to speed up, and my throat suddenly felt really tight. When I was walking upstairs, I saw bits of clothes on the staircase and heard muffled noises coming from our bedroom.

"No, no. Not Marco" I prayed as I clutched my chest.

When I reached our bedroom door, I held the knob and prepared myself for what I was about to see, but no amount of preparation could've prepared me from what I saw. Heaven was on top of Marco, riding him and as soon as they spotted me, their faces went from pure lust to shock in an instant.

Marco quickly pushed Heaven off him, "Shit! Marco! That fucking hurts" Heaven uttered as Marco's thing came out of her hole. If I wasn't so shocked then, I might actually find the whole thing hilarious. However, at that instant, I was unable to feel anything. I just felt numb.

"Bro! Shit! Let me explain" Marco exclaimed as he grabbed a pillow to cover his junk. Heaven immediately grabbed the blanket to cover her nakedness.

"Bee, shit! Why are you home? What are you doing here?" Heaven asked in a confused tone.

I looked at both of them alternately, not speaking as I still feel shocked by the situation. Heaven walked towards me with Marco right behind her, "Bee, are you okay?" she asked.

When everything finally sank in; the leather jacket on the coat rack, the trail of clothes on the stairs and the floor, the muffled moans, and my naked best friend and girlfriend in front of me, my vision turned dark.

I moved passed Heaven and punched Marco in the face. I quickly turned around and walked towards Heaven, "you're lucky I don't hit women Heaven, or else.." I sighed. "..just make sure that when I am back tomorrow, you aren't here anymore and all your things are gone. I never want to see both of you ever again, because if I do, well, you don't want to know" I threatened. I clenched my fists as I try to restrain myself.

I walked away. Heaven started to run after me, "No Edward, no. I'm sorry. It was one time, you have been so busy lately and I felt lonely and Marco was there" she explained.

"Just leave Heaven. I never want to see you again" I stated. I grabbed my helmet and rode my motorcycle in the middle of the storm. I didn't care if it was unsafe, I just needed to be away from all this pain. "ARGHHHHHH!!!" I yelled.

I didn't cry. I couldn't cry. I cannot feel anything. I felt numb, or maybe, it just hasn't totally hit me yet. I entered the first bar I saw and drank myself to oblivion. I wanted to erase the image of Heaven on top of Marco that seems to be etched in my brain. I wanted to get rid of the sound of their moans in my head. I just needed to forget.

"You're cut off" the bartender named Angel told me.

"Just oooo-ne mooooo-re bottle please" I requested because I know that if I stopped drinking, the pain would come back.

"No Sir. You are far gone. You can't even speak straight anymore" she told me as she went around the bar. "Besides, we are closing and you need to get home. Did you drive here?" she asked.

"Yee-eees, myyy moootor-cyyclee iss ouutssidee" I uttered, my words seemed to be longer than what they were supposed to be.

"Well, in your current state. I don't think you can drive. I'll call you a cab" she walked towards the phone and ordered me a cab.

"Angel?" I called her. "I can driiiii-ve my moooo-torcycle."

"If you can tell me the alphabet backwards, then I will let you" she told me after she dropped the phone.

"Uhm, kayy.. Z-Y-A-B-C.. uhm.. wait, wait, no! It's Z-Y-H-E-A-V"

"See, you will take the cab home. Look sir! even if they call me Angel, I cannot actually save you if you get into an accident with that motorcycle" she told me as she started to dry the glasses on the counter.

"Fiiii-ne, but just one more shot?" I requested.

She let out a sigh, "Okay" she muttered.

And that was the last thing I can remember, because next thing I knew, my head was resting on the door of my house.

"It's unlocked" I muttered in surprise when I reached for the doorknob. I walked to the kitchen to get water for my pounding head. When I reached for the fridge, I saw a note from Heaven.

My dearest bee,

I am sorry it had to end this way.

I really am sorry. Both Marco and I are.


I crumpled the paper right away and threw it in the bin. I walked towards our bedroom, and saw that her closet was already empty. And though, a part of me was relieved that she was gone, a part of me felt empty. After all, I really did love her.

"Hey you Mr. Handsome! What are you thinking about?" Anne is suddenly in front of me, snapping me out of my reverie and bringing me back to the present.

"Who? Me?" I point to myself.

"Who else could it be?!" she answers.

"Sorry, I seem to be deep in my thoughts" I apologize.

"Oh, it's okay Mr. Handsome but because of that, you will have to come on stage" she beams. She looks so excited.

I suddenly feel embarrassed. This has never happened before, I have never been put on a spot like this. Ever. "Uhm, no.. no.. it's okay" I decline.

"Sorry Mr... what's your name?" she asks.

"Edward" I answer.

"Edward, you are so handsome" Gabbie exclaims from her booth.

I mentally kick myself. "Why did I just reveal my real name? Dumb ass. Stupid. Idiot"

"Well, don't worry Mr. Edward, you have time to prepare yourself, because you will come up for the finale." she winks.

I suddenly feel so nervous, cold sweats start to run down my body. I cannot concentrate even when Anne and Gabbie start to introduce the dancers.

"And now, to start off our night gentlemen! Please welcome Miyu" Gabbie exclaims from her booth.

A beautiful petite girl starts to walk on stage. Miyu resembles Julia Montes, the actress that is often paired with Coco Martin. She starts to sway her body along with the music, and by the end of it, everyone is cheering her on. Miyu smiles at everyone before walking around on the stage.

"Thank you Miyu." Anne slaps her behind as she picks some of her props from the floor.

"That will be a tough act to follow, huh?" Gabbie asks.

"Oh yes. But I am more than sure that our next dancer will show us everything she got as well. Gentlemen, let us all welcome, Sammie." Anne finishes.

A tall, beautiful, fair skinned girl walks on stage, confidence oozing from her. All of a sudden, she grabs the microphone from Anne, "How many times will I have to tell you? During the day, you can call me Sammie but at night, I'm S!" she announces.

"Sorry gentlemen, let me re-introduce this prima-donna. Let us all welcome, S!" Anne introduces again.

S positions herself behind a pole, and when the music starts to play, she starts to grind her body lower to the floor. As the music ends, her final position looks quite impossible. I actually start to wonder how one can be that flexible.

"Show-off" Gabbie utters.

"Damn S, didn't know you can move like that." Anne adds. S just smiles triumphantly.

"Let's all give S a warm of applause gentlemen. Are you guys enjoying so far?" Anne asks.

Everyone answers with applause and woo's. Excitement is overflowing in the club. However, I feel really nervous about this whole situation. I start to think of an escape plan, but then Anne's voice is ringing in the club once again, "Meadow, are you in the house tonight?" she asks.

A tall and slim figured lady walks on stage, "Yes Anne? How can I help?" she asks.

"For all of you guys who are new here at MES tonight, Meadow here is one of our bouncers. I know she looks like she is easy to break, but she can snap any part of your body in an instant, so do not cause any trouble, okay?" Anne introduces her.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry guys. I know how to play nice, just as long as you guys do too. Besides, I am not alone, see the two women standing beside Myth over there?" she asks as she points towards the entrance of the club, "Those two are Mel and Skully, and they will break you guys if you cause any trouble" Meadow smiles lethally.

Out of the three, Meadow seems to be the most jolly because Mel and Skully's expressions didn't even change.

"So, why did you call me here Anne?" she asks.

"Right! I called you up here, so that you can stand and guard Mr. Edward over there. He is part of our finale tonight" Anne points at me.

"Oh shit! I can't escape" I panic.

Meadow walks towards me with a smile on her face, "at least, she seems nice", so I let out a sigh.

"Don't worry Mr. Handsome, I don't bite" she whispers in my ear before standing behind me.

"Okay, now back to business. Who wants more?" Gabbie asks.

"Oh, I do Gab!" Anne answers. "Not to keep you guys waiting, let us all welcome, not one, but two girls on stage. They come in a package, and I am sure that you guys will enjoy this performance twice more. Give it up for Athena and Cher!!! Own the stage girls!"

Two beautiful girls walk up on stage and start to move rhythmically against the music. They start to move in unison, and it seems like they have a connection. It is like they have been partners for a really long time because when one grinds up, the other goes down. They complement each other's moves.

"Thank you twins" Anne announces when the music finished. "Now, guys, we are down to our last two. So we are almost on you Edward." she winks. My heart start to race once again.

I admit, ever since I witnessed the whole Heaven and Marco thing, I don't get excited anymore. I mean, I can't get my junior to get excited anymore, and that is why I go to clubs every night, hoping that by some miracle, I can feel the hardness once again.

Tonight, nothing has changed. Even watching all these beautiful women, I feel nothing. A slight irritation start to bud inside me. "I'm hopeless" I thought.

"We are almost at the end of the night gentlemen, and I know you guys feel sad about that, but you can always come back tomorrow" Anne smiles, "and not to keep you guys waiting, let us all welcome Lois" she announces.

This time, a short girl with beautiful eyes and smile walks up on stage. She is holding a microphone and her performance seems different from the others. She starts to sing a slow song, to which she paired up with slow movements. Everybody seems to have been hypnotized, not only with her moves, but with her voice as well.

"You are really one of a kind Lois!" Anne announces when she finishes her performance. "She can sing and dance, and with that face, Lois is the whole package. Don't you agree gentlemen?" everyone answers with cheers.

"Thank you everyone." Lois smiles. "But you Mr. Handsome, you are in for a treat" she looks at me before disappearing to the curtains.

"And now, Meadow, let's get Mr. Edward on stage. Mel, bring over a chair, c'mon..Hurry!" Anne instructs. Everything seems to happen in a blur, I am suddenly being ushered on stage. Mel pushed me down to my sit.

"What should I do?" I ask.

"Nothing Mr. Handsome, just sit.. relax.. and enjoy" Anne answers with a wink.

"Are you ready partner?" Gabbie asks from her booth.

"Almost partner!" Anne yells.

They all seem so excited, as if they are about to do something really naughty. I cannot concentrate. I start to fidget with my hands and nervous sweats start to trickle from my forehead to the side of neck.

"Oh honey, don't be scared. You really are in for a treat!" Anne addresses me before looking at the audience, "And now gentlemen, all of you will be wishing that you are Mr. Edward right here, because our headliner for tonight is, the one and only, Maymay!" she finishes.

The crowd went wild as the club is now full of cheers, applause, and people standing with their bottles in the air. When the music starts to play, it became suddenly quiet. It is as if the dancer that is coming on stage is someone sacred, and everyone are paying their respects.

At first, I was just looking down due to my nervousness, but then when everyone start clapping their hands, I look up.

"Goddess" is the first thing that pop in my mind. Whoever this woman is, that is walking towards me is a goddess--"a sexy goddess at that".

Maymay is tall, fair skinned, and slender. She is currently wearing high heels and a short lingerie that is only enough to cover her behind. Her breasts are just the perfect size, not that big, only the right size for my palms. Her lips are luscious and full, "the things I want to do with those lips." I inhale deeply to calm myself because I can feel my manhood starting to get angry, "Fuck, the answer is right here in front of me. Thank you MES!"

Maymay is now only an arm's length away and that was when I noticed her eyes."Is that sadness I see in them?"

But before I can completely get lost in her eyes, she straddles me on stage. She starts her performance with a lap dance. I reach for her slender waist and start caressing her body softly, but then, she grabs both of my hands and whispers, "you can look, but you can't touch baby." Her hot breath on my ear is bringing all kinds of sensation to my wanting body.

"Fuck!" I mutter under my breath. This woman is denying me what I have been craving and wanting for so long.

She  suddenly gets off my lap, thus revealing the bulge that is now very obvious to everyone. I don't even try to hide it, because I am that happy about my manhood finally being capable of excitement once again.

"I was starting to wonder what was that thing poking me earlier" she winks. "I should've known, huh?" she licks her lips. At that moment, all I want to do is reach for her face, and kiss her. Lust is completely taking over my whole being, but that was cut short when I heard an angry voice from the entrance.

"Marydale! What the fuck do you think you are doing?!" the man yells.

"Fuck! He is supposed to be out of the country, what the hell is he doing here?" Maymay mumbles, panic clear in her voice.

"Mel! Skully!" the man yells. In an instant, the two women are right beside him, "Get Kate and Julianna from the surveillance room. I want everyone out of the club! PRONTO!" he commands.

"Yes Sir!" they respond in unison. Mel runs towards the  back stage, while Skully starts to kick everyone out of the club.

"Everyone! Out!" Skully yells.

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