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Most Beautiful Bride

Image Description AnnaBanana0405   |   04 January 2018

She is the most beautiful bride he ever laid his eyes on... but what if she is about to marry the wrong groom?

Dear Maymay,

You look so beautiful today. I know you don't know me, but I just want you to know that when I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change, cause you're amazing, just the way you are. ????????????

Did you end up singing?

Good! Because aside from your face, I also love your voice! Oh jeez! I could listen to you talk for hours. I know you probably feel like I am stalking you, but I swear I'm not. I just don't have the courage to out myself yet. But Maymay, you brighten up my day. 'Til next time beautiful girl.



Maymay sighs as she puts back the very first letter Markus sent him a few years back in her wallet. It all started with a simple note, and now she is only two days away from her wedding day.

"Maymay! Come out now, the rehearsal is about to start again" Andrea calls as she enters the washroom door.

"Everything okay?" Kaish asks.

Maymay immediately fixes herself before opening the stall, "Of course! Everything is fine" she mutters.

"Are you sure?" Dism asks, "are you feeling cold feet? Cause if you are, you know you can always pass Markus my way" he winks.

"Dism, why the hell did you follow us? This is the ladies washroom, can't you read?" Kaish asks.

Maymay smiles at her friends, "Dismunda is a lady deep inside, let him be! I mean, her. Let her be" she smiles. "But to answer all of you guys, yes! I am okay." she assures them.

"Well, you know, if you ever need a get away car, I am right here"  Andrea suggests as she offers her arm to Maymay.

Maymay links one of her arms to Andrea, and the other with Kaish as Dism walks behind them, "Thanks guys! I know I picked the right bridal party" she smiles.

"But did you pick the right groom?" Kaish asks.

Maymay sighs, "I think so" she smiles at them.

As they walk towards Markus, Maymay suddenly realizes that Edward is standing beside his groom. Her heartbeat starts to race, and her breathing became heavy. Everyone around them can assume that it is because she is the bride, so her nerves are all over the place. However, Maymay knows the real reason, and it is a secret she will never tell anyone, because she can't even admit it to herself, yet.

"Oh hi fiance" Markus smiles as he kisses Maymay's cheeks.

She answers with a smile, and her eyes are just on Edward. "You okay?" Markus asks.

"Ye-es" she stutters, "I mean, yes I am. I'm just wondering what you are doing here Edward." she asks.

"Oh, I'm just telling Markus that my flight actually got moved earlier. I'm really sorry I can't be part of your wedding Maymay. I really feel awful, because both of you are my best friends, but I need to fly home to see my grandpa. He's not looking too good" he apologizes.

Maymay puts her hand on Edward's shoulder, and there it is again, the jolt of electricity. She gasps as she stares into Edward again, "Hey, I'm really sorry twin".

"It's okay Edward, I understand. Say hello to your family, okay?" she pulls her hand away.

"Uhm, guys! We will just tend to the other guests, okay?" Kaish smiles at them, and though it seems obvious that Andrea and Dism want to stay, Kaish pulls them with her anyway.

"Killjoy" Dism whispers.

"Guys, we need to be Maymay's friends right now. We have to help her have a clear mind, not further clutter her thoughts" Kaish snaps at them.

"And that's what we are trying to do! Can't you see?! She's about to marry the wrong person" Andrea answers back.

"We have to support our friend in whatever decision she makes" Kaish says sadly.

They all sigh as they look back at Edward, Maymay, and Markus.

"Anyway, bro, I know we can't stop you, but it just really sucks that you are not here on our special day" Markus says as he puts his arm over Maymay's shoulder.

Maymay and Edward suddenly look at each other, "I know. I'm sorry but I know you will have the most beautiful bride" he smiles.

"Thank you" Maymay answers meekly.

"Twin, I have to go now, okay?" Edward smiles at them.

Maymay looks at him, "Why twin? You only have a few days with us, why not stay for the rehearsal and then we grab food later. You, me, Markus, and the whole gang" she offers as she grabs Edward's hand, and squeezes it.

Edward sighs, but then he smiles, "Sure", he agrees.

The wedding rehearsal went on throughout the next few hours, as Edward watches them, and stopping his tears from falling. Yes, he knows he is a man, and that crying seems taboo for his gender, but his heart hurts. He will never admit it to anyone, but he loves his best friend. And he is aware that this is against the bro code, but when Markus asked him to start writing all those notes/love letters for Maymay, he just couldn't resist. At first, he thought that admiring a girl from a distance was hard, but falling for her deeper while your best friend gets all the credit was worse.

At first, Edward was just happy and content hearing Maymay's reaction from Markus, but eventually, everything started to hurt. He fell for Maymay too, alongside Markus, but he cannot say anything because Markus at least had the guts to tell her about his feelings. Deep inside, Edward knows that Maymay deserves someone who is brave enough to fight for her, and sadly, that is not him.

And that is why he had to lie about going back home, because in reality, his grandfather is well. Also, his whole family thinks that Edward is about to make the most stupid decision of his life.

"She looks beautiful, doesn't she?" Dism asks, breaking Edward's thoughts.

Edward did not move his eyes from Maymay who is currently in front of the altar with Markus, "Very." he answers.

"I knew it!" Dism exclaims.

"Knew what?" Edward mutters as he realizes the situation he is in.

"Edward, I know you know what I'm talking about." he answers before leaving Edward alone.


"Bro, you really can't move your flight for the the next day? or like 5 hours after the wedding?" Markus asks.

"Sorry bro, it was the only available flight they have" Edward apologizes.

"Twin, you are going to miss my wedding day. The happiest day of my life" Maymay tells Edward as she leans on his shoulder. A gesture that is deemed normal for all of them since Edward and Maymay really became close, especially when Markus and Maymay started dating.

Edward takes a deep breath as he tries to muster all the self-control he has, "I know twin, I'm sorry." is all he could say, because he is scared that if he says more, he might actually ruin Maymay's happiest day.

"It's okay twin, I understand. But come back, okay?" she asks.

"Yea bro! Come back for our first child, okay? You can't miss that! You will be one of the Ninongs okay?" Markus asks.

Maymay hits Markus, "Hun, stop it! Baby already!?? You're so embarrassing!" she exclaims.

"Hun, it's going to happen anyway. I'm just saying" Markus laughs.

Edward laughs with him, though his laughter sounds hollow and empty.

"Stop it!" Maymay says shyly.

"Oh don't be shy hun! Edward understands, right bro?" Markus says as he nudges Edward.

He answers with a nod, "Anyway guys, I gotta go. I still have to buy some pasalubong for the family, and my flight is tomorrow. Anyway, I will just send my wedding gift, okay?" he smiles at them.

"Okay bro! Ciao!" Markus fist bumps Edward.

However, Maymay gets up and hugs Edward, taking him by surprise, "I love you twin." she whispers.

Edward hugs her back, "I love you too, so much" he says as he kisses the top of her head, "you will be the most beautiful bride Maymay" he hugs her tighter, neither of them wanting to let go.

Suddenly, Markus joins their hug, "Group hug! Anyway bro, we gotta go. I need to drop my fiancee home" he smiles.

"Bye again you two! Enjoy your wedding and have a happy marriage life." Edward waves at them. He walks to his car and starts driving to Dism's condominium.


"Papa Edward, what are you doing here?" Dism asks as he opens the door.

"Can I ask you one favor Dism? Please!" Edward pleads. "Tomorrow, my flight is 12 noon. I know you, Kaish, and Andrea will be with Maymay because she isn't allowed to see Markus-"

"So what is the favor Papa E?" Dism cuts him off.

"Can you give Maymay this letter? After my flight, please" Edward passes a piece of paper neatly folded to Dism.

"Wow letter! Markus feels." Dism exclaims.

Edward smiles, "Well since it will be years until you see me again Dism, I will tell you a little secret" he says.

"Wow! Are you finally going to tell me that you feel the same about me too? That you love me too?" Dism says excitingly.

Edward shakes his head while he laughs, "I will miss you and your crazy ways" he smiles at him, "Promise you will keep your mouth shut?" he asks.

"I promise!" he answers.

"I love her, and I don't mean I love her as my best friend. I am in love with her" Edward admits.

"I know." Dism says sadly.


"Maymay! Are you here?" Dism calls as he waves Edward's letter in the air.

"Yes, I'm right here bakla! What's that?" she asks as she emerges out of her room.

"Edward asked me to give this to you" he says as he hands the letter to Maymay, "Did he say bye?" he asks.

"Yeah, he called before his plane took off" she answers sadly, "But anyway, what is this drama? What's with the letter?" she asks.

Dism shrugs, "Let's read it!" he suggests.

Maymay opens the letter, and is surprised to see a very familiar handwriting. "Dismunda, is this really from Edward? This is Markus' writing" she mutters.

"Yes Maymay! I am more than sure. Now, read!" Dism encourages.

Maymay holds the letter, as her hand shakes.

Dear twin,

First of all, I am really sorry that I cannot be there on the happiest day of your life, but I am sure you will be the most beautiful bride. I also know that you will make a wonderful wife, and a mother in the future. You are probably wondering why you are reading a letter from me, so here is my explanation.

Maymay, I love you, so much. I actually had a crush on you since our college days, but I was too scared to tell you anything. So I didn't, and then one day Markus approached me and asked for help. He told me about his feelings for you, and surprisingly I felt the same as well. So I said yes. I thought that if I write the letters for you, it would be a good way to let my emotions out. I thought my feelings will just fade away but I was wrong. Oh! I was so wrong twin.

Maymay begins to sob.

The night you said yes to Markus was probably one of the hardest nights of my life. I was happy for you and Markus, believe me I truly was, but God, it felt like someone grabbed my heart from my chest and squeezed it. I went home and told Laura everything, and she told me I am stupid for helping Markus in the first place. But she was wrong May, because seeing you then and now, and seeing how happy you are with him, it made me happy. In a way, I am part of that happiness.

They always say that, "you know it's love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you're not part of that happiness", and Maymay, my twin.. that is all I want. For you to be happy, for you to never lose that beautiful smile on your face, because when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, 'cause you're amazing, just the way you are.

Did you sing again? I'm just trying to make you smile.

Mamay smiles through the tears that are rolling down her cheeks, "Oh Edward" she utters as she sobs. She continues to read,

I hope you are happy twin, the happiest! I'm sorry I can't say any of this face to face. I just can't. I know it will be too hard. I know, I will be wishing for you to come with me instead, and I can't do that. I can't be selfish, especially when it comes to you. Because I love you, I am in love with you. You have no idea how liberating it is to say it twin! Even if it's through this letter, at least here I can actually say what my heart is screaming.

Maymay, you will always my first love. You will always be the standard. In another life, I would definitely say no to Markus' favor, but I would've still written those letters and signed them with my name instead. But this is not the movies, or one of those novels where I end up with the love of my life, so I guess this is it for us twin.

I just want to say thank you for everything. Don't come looking for me, okay? Just be happy Maymay. I will come back when I'm ready, when my heart is ready to see you happy with someone else. Now you are about to spend your forever with Markus, I just want to say thank you for sparing me some moments that I will treasure with me forever. I love you.

Always love,


Maymay holds the letter to her chest while her tears are falling non-stop. Her heart and entire being feel like they're being shattered apart.


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