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We ship #CarGel!!!

Image Description Beau Ang   |   15 February 2018

#CarGel exchanges Para Kay Ex book! *Oh my 90's heart*

It is said that exes can never be friends. Oh well, wala kayo sa #CarGel!

In exchange for the sweetest Valentine’s gift from Carlo Aquino, Angelica Panganiban handed the signed copy of Para Kay Ex book to her ex-lover. *and we can't help but get kilig from head to toe*

Oh my #CarGel heart's melting!!!

Ano naman kaya ang message ni Angelica "Para Kay EX"?

Beau Ang's Para Kay Ex is now available in all National Book Stores and Powerbooks nationwide. Grab your copy now for only Php 195!

Nagmahal, nasaktan, nagkalibro.  Kailangan na nating i-exercise ang utak mong matagal na nagpahinga simula nung nagmahal ka. Para Kay EX is also available for preview in the NoInk Store. Happy reading!

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