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Just In Case You Change Your Mind

Image Description diannenicole.ramos   |   08 January 2018

I know you won't, but in case you do...

I wish you would still ask how I was doing,

I wish you would still wonder how I am,

But I’ve pushed you away and so away you went.

But I hope you know that I still wear your jacket and sit in the middle of the room, closing my eyes like as if you were here.

I hope you know that I read all the letters you’ve given me, over and over again that I’ve memorized them line-by-line.

I hope you know that I still have my nightmares and I die inside when I wake up and you’re not there to tell me that it’s okay.

I hope you know that I know that you’re happy. And that I would never do anything to ruin what you’ve found.

But just in case you change your mind, I hope you know that I will always just be here, waiting for you to come home.

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A Dose of La Luna Sangre

As the saying goes, “An apple a day, makes the doctors away”. But for me, it’s totally different. Because every day, “A dose of La Luna Sangre a day, makes my stress away.”

Image Description
18 February 2018