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Reasons to read “Mangaserye: He’s My Oppostar” and “Vlogger Girl Problems”

Image Description Melissa Bagamasbad   |   06 December 2017

Both manga stories are fun reads with bonuses for MayWard and McLisse fans!

Fancy a kiligand fun-filled story manga story? Have not just one but two, with the first installment of the Mangaserye featuring stories He’s My Oppastar and Vlogger Girl Problems. Both stories can keep young and even older readers hooked with some light and exciting reading. Here are the reasons why we think this manga is worth the read:

1.They’re relatable for today’s millennials.

Both stories in this Book 1 of Mangaserye tackle issues that millennials can relate to. The first one, He’s My Oppostar, is about a fan girl, Macy, who stans her favorite K-pop group, Miniluv. She fan girls so hard, that she’s very broken-hearted when they break up, collects all their albums and DVDs, and is so affected when her new classmate, Eddie looks like Oppa Red of Miniluv. With the Korean pop craze also going on here in Manila, and with many young people fan girling their idols, readers will surely find Macy and the story’s premise relatable.

As for Vlogger Girl Problems, the protagonist, Elaine, is a vlogger influencer, who loves what she does and is dedicated to doing quality videos for her followers. Many young readers who are active on social media will relate to a vlogger lead and her misadventures.

2.The drawings are both kawaii and well-made.

The illustrators of Mangaserye Book 1 did a fine job, having drawn adorable characters with various facial expressions (worried, happy, kilig, excited), and backdrops. For older readers, one can be brought back to their previous days anime fans who watched series like Sailormoon, with lead girl Bunny’s exaggerated and hilarious facial expressions. The backdrops with the flowers, sparkles, etc. also add to the kawaii look and feel of the manga, as well as rom com feels.

(Bonus for MayWard and McLisse fans is that the manga has both love teams on its covers, with beautiful shots inside of both love teams. MayWard posed as the leads Macy and Eddie in “He’s My OppaStar” and McLisse posed as the leads Elaine and Mr. Blue in “Vlogger girl Problems.”) 

3.The story is also suspense-filled and will keep you at the edge of your seats.

Don’t be fooled by the kawaii art of this manga, as the story can take twist and turns and even turn dark sometimes even if both stories are generally light. Unfortunately, it can also be bitin because this is just the first book. Both stories end in cliffhangers, with both generally asking who the mysterious guys in the lead girls’ lives are. It’s very exciting so readers will surely want to get a copy of the next manga book in the series!

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