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The Right Groom

Image Description AnnaBanana0405   |   08 January 2018

Did she marry the right man? Did Edward fight for her? Will destiny allow them to meet again? Or will they create their own destiny.

***A Sequel***

"I wrote all the letters Markus gave Maymay" he admits.

"No f*cking way!!!!"Dism hits Edward lightly on the shoulder, "Why didn't you say anything?! Fuck Edward!" Dism mutters as he paces back and forth in front of Edward.

"It's not a big deal" he shrugs.

"Of course it is a big deal! Maymay fell in love because of all those letters! It all started when she got her hands on those love letters, and that was all you?" Dism exclaims out of frustration.

"It's not a big deal Dism. She is about to marry Markus, it won't change a thing now" he says sadly.

Dism recalls the conversation he had with Edward the night before, and he is wondering whether he should say anything to Maymay now. She seems broken, and she hasn't moved from the floor since she finished reading the letter from Edward. Dism already called Andrea, Kaish, and even Gabrielle for back-up, as he really needs help in consoling Maymay.

They knew. Of course, they did. They all knew that Maymay fell in love with those letters, and not with Markus. And in time, she became so torn over the letters and what she was feeling for Edward. However, Markus was always there for her, and when he proposed, she just said yes.

"What happened Dism?" Gabrielle asks.

"What do you think happen? Our girl loves Edward, but she is going to marry Markus tomorrow." Dism retorts.

"Hey babe, calm down" Kaish rubs his back, "we are just all concerned here. I have never seen her so broken like this" Kaish mutters.

"I know. I mean, one can assume it's because of her wedding tomorrow, but we all know better" Andrea sympathizes.

Gabrielle groans, "I don't know know whether to pat Edward in the back or slap him really hard. How can he do this to Maymay?! Admit everything the day before her wedding?!! And then disappear?!"

"What should we do guys?" Dism asks.

Maymay enters the kitchen, "Nothing, you guys will do nothing." she smiles.

The four of them walks toward Maymay, "Everything okay? Are you okay?" they all ask at the same time.

Maymay smiles and looks at all of them, "Nothing about the whole situation is okay, and I am sure my thoughts are not even okay, but I feel okay." she admits.

"Huh? Are you okay baby girl?" Dism asks in confusion.

"Right? Are you really okay Maymay?" Kaish adds.

Maymay looks at all of them, "I know it sounds weird and all, but I am happy. It somehow sets me free knowing everything now. I want to talk to Markus, can someone call him please?" she asks.

"On it!" Andrea says enthusiastically.

They all look at her disapprovingly, "Just reminding you, girl code, we don't recycle" Gabrielle snickers.

"What? I was not!" Andrea defenses.

As Andrea calls Markus, Maymay just seems to be deep in her thoughts, but a smile is clear on her face.

"Markus says it's bad luck to see the bride the day before the wedding." Andrea chimes in.

"The boy has no idea" Dism utters.

"Tell him, it's really important" Maymay points out.

"He is on his way" Andrea informs them.

"What are you planning to do?" Gabrielle asks.

Maymay just sighs, "Something I should've done a long time ago." she smiles at them.


Andrea runs to the door and opens it, "Oh hi Markus" she kisses his cheeks.

"Hello there" he smiles, "Now, what is so important that my fiancee has to see me?" he asks.

"She's in the kitchen, come" Andrea invites.

Maymay can hear their footsteps as they get nearer to where she is, and for a moment, she sends God a silent prayer asking Him for guidance.

"I hope I am making the right decision" she whispers.

"What's up hun?" Markus asks, and that is the moment she turns around.

She smiles at him, "We need to talk" she states in a serious voice.

"Hey, everything okay?" he asks.

"Uhm, guys, can you please leave us for now?" Maymay addresses Gabrielle, Kaish, Dism, and Andrea.

"Sure, sure" Gabrielle pushes them out of the kitchen.

"I don't know why we are leaving, she tells us everything anyway" Dism whispers.

"Just go!" Kaish mutters.

And they keep on walking, leaving Markus and Maymay behind.

As soon as they are gone, Maymay faces Markus, "I just want to ask you one thing Markus." she starts.

"And what is that?" he asks.

"Why didn't you tell me that the letters were written by Edward?" she asks.

Markus suddenly looks guilty, "Because I didn't think it matters now" he admits.

Maymay smiles at him, though her smile did not reach her eyes, "Did you know that, I fell in love with those letters? I mean, of course I love you too, I care about you Markus, a lot. But it was those letters that made me want to talk to you and get to know you." she explains.

"I always knew you had a thing for love letters Maymay, because you are not an ordinary girl. You are modern, yet a classic. Timeless" Markus tells her.

Maymay just smiles at him, "Thank you Markus."

"But why did you call me?" he asks.

Maymay looks up at him, and grabs his hands, "Markus, for the passed years, I am truly thankful that you were there for me. But can I ask you something?" she asks and he nods, "Can you marry me knowing that my heart does not belong to you?"

"What do you mean May?" Markus asks.

Maymay sighs, "I mean, I always thought my heart belongs to you, but.. for the passed months that I have been planning our wedding Markus..." her voice sounds shaky, "..why is it that it's not your face I imagine waiting for me in front of the altar? Why is it that I can't be completely happy about our wedding tomorrow? Why is it that I feel like you and I are not the one destined for forever?" she cries. Markus just smiles at her, "Why are you smiling?" she asks.

"Because I love you silly." he answers, "You know, I always felt like you were not a hundred percent in on this with me. Maymay, I have eyes too." he wipes his tears, "I think I know what you area about to tell me, so I think it is best if I  walk away now and let you go. But can I ask you one favor though?" he looks at her.

"What's that?" she asks.

"Just make sure that the next guy is the right one, don't make him fall for you and then break him, okay? Because May, you are one of a kind." he smiles through his tears, "and I will always love you" Markus utters in between his sobs.

Maymay hugs him, "I love you too Markus. I'm sorry." she kisses his cheeks.

Markus kisses the top of her head, "It's okay. Take care" he mutters before leaving.


"Edward! Come on, let's go have dinner. Mom called." Laura exclaims.

"Laura, can you please just leave me alone?" he complains. Edward has been in Germany for over 2 weeks now, and he still hasn't contacted anybody. He feels sad over the fact that his Maymay is now married, probably on her honeymoon, and currently making his first godchild. Edward cringes at the thought of Maymay in her honeymoon. It was hard resisting checking social media, but he doesn't want to risk seeing Markus and Maymay's wedding pictures.

"Edward, it's been two weeks that you have been here and you are starting to look like a hobo. Can you go shave?! or maybe shower? C'mon" Laura insists.

"Laura, I am 29 years old. I can think for myself. Thank you" Edward dismisses her.

"You know, if you don't get up, I will actually go get Mom and make her give you a bath. You know she will come" Laura threatens as she picks up her phone.

"You are a pain in my butt Laura" Edward groans as he gets up, and walks to the washroom.

"Shave brother! Look handsome! Look at least presentable!" Laura yells.

Edward just shakes his head at his sister.


"Oh son, you look dashing" Edward's mum greets him.

"You have me to thank for that" Laura beams.

"Tsk" Edward looks at Laura, "but thanks Mum" he kisses Mummy Cathy's cheeks, "By the way, where is Dad?" Edward asks as they sit around the table in the restaurant they are currently in.

Mummy Cathy and Laura look at each other, "Uhm, he's on his way son" Mummy Cathy answers. 

"Odd, how did you get here?" Edward wonders.

Mummy Cathy fidgets, "Your dad Edward, but he forgot something at home, so he had to go back. He will be here soon. Why are you looking for him anyway?" she asks.

"Nothing Mum, I was just wondering" Edward shrugs his shoulder.

"Hello Sir, Ma'am. Good evening, my name is S. Can I get you anything to drink?" she asks.

"Oh, just bring us a bottle of chilled champagne, the best one you have" Mummy Cathy smiles at her.

"Okay ma'am, I'll be back!" S smiles.

"Champagne? Why? Are we celebrating anything?" Edward inquires.

Mummy Cathy just shrugs, "Nothing. I just want some champagne-"

"Mum, Dad is outside. He says he needs us to go meet him out there" Laura announces.

Laura and Mummy Cathy immediately gets up, leaving a confused Edward behind. He just shakes his head, and not dare question them anymore. Besides, he is not in the mood to argue with his family, so he just sits there, and patiently waits for his dad, mum, and sister.

"Did someone ask for a bottle of champagne?" a very familiar voice asks.

Edward looks up, and is just staring at the beautiful woman in front of him--the woman he thought he would not see again for a while.

"Tw-win?" he stutters.

Maymay stares him down, "Do you even have the right to call me that after what you did?" she asks.

"What did I do?" he asks back.

"What do you mean Edward?! You are so frustrating-"

"Where's your husband by the way?" Edward cuts her off, as he wonders what could Maymay possibly be doing in Germany, when she is supposed to be elsewhere for her honeymoon.

"You really haven't opened your social media, have you?" she asks.

Edward shakes his head, "I, uhm.." he scratches the back of his neck.

"Uhm? What? Trying to avoid the social media because you don't want to see the love of your life walking down the aisle, and getting married to someone else?" Maymay raises her eyebrow at him.

"Wow twin, slow down on the tough love." Edward gets up, "I am going to look for Markus. Maybe he is outside with my family" he says as he attempts to avoid Maymay.

As he passes Maymay, she grabs his arm, stopping him from walking, "Edward, is it true?" she asks.

"What is?" he asks back.

"The letter, the content of the letter" she whispers, "Is it true that you love me?" she asks.

"Why are you asking that Maymay? Why does it matter now? What are you doing here?-"

"Just answer me Edward, do you love me?" she asks as she cages Edward's face with her palms, "Do you love me twin?"

Edward takes a deep breath as she stares into Maymay's eyes, "I.. I.." he sighs, "I don't love you" he whispers.

Maymay immediately lets go of his face, as she wipes her own tears that suddenly fell from her eyes. Maymay immediately turns around, and as soon as she did, Edward grabs her wrist, "It's okay Edward, I heard everything already. Maybe it is a mistake coming here after all" she utters in between her sobs.

Edward grabs both of her hands and puts them back on his face. Afterwards, he cages Maymay's face with his hands, "I wasn't done, listen to me please." he pleads. Maymay is just staring at him, "I don't love you twin, I am in love with you, so freaking much. I couldn't be there on your wedding day because I cannot bear the thought of seeing you marry someone else. I couldn't bear to hear you say your vows, and promise to love another man for the rest of your life. I couldn't Maymay, it's just too hard-"

"I didn't get married" Maymay whispers as she grabs Edward's hand, and holds them.

"It would actually kill me. I mean the rehearsal-" Edward stops, "Wait, what? Did I hear that right? You didn't get married?" he asks.

Maymay smiles at him while shaking her head, "Really Edward, after leaving me that letter, did you really think a wedding was still going to happen?" she asks.

"I..I didn't mean to. I'm sorry" he apologizes.

"I'm not sorry Edward." she mutters.

"But Markus! How is he?! Does he know?!" he asks.

"After we talked the first time, I went to see him because I had to return the ring he gave me, and all he really wants is for me to be happy. He only asked me one thing though." Maymay looks at Edward.

"And what is that?" he asks.

"He asked me to make sure that the next one I love is the right one, can you help with that?" she suddenly intertwines her hands with Edward.

"Huh? What do you mean?" he asks, not letting Maymay go.

"Edward, I had my moment with Markus, now I am ready to spend forever with you" she says before tip-toeing, and kissing his cheeks.

Edward is taken by surprise, he lifts his hand to his face as he rubs the spot where Maymay's lips made contact with, "Huh?" he asks.

"You are so slow twin." Maymay smiles.

Edward stares at her, "seems like it, 'cause I feel so confused" he utters.

"Edward John Barber, I love you." she stares back.

"You-you love me?" he asks, as if he still can't believe his ears.

Maymay nods, "So much."

Edward immediately cages Maymay in his arms as he plants his lips on her forehead, her cheeks, and finally claiming her lips.

"I love you, always" he mutters against Maymay's lips. 



"Are you nervous?" Kaish asks. 

Maymay smiles at them. "A bit, but I am more happy." she sighs happily, "But this" she starts as she gestures to her surroundings, "feels right." 

"I am sure, it does." Andrea smiles at her. 

"It's time." Gabrielle announces. 

"Let's get this over with, cause I am sure that Maymay is excited for her honeymoon." Dism winks. 

Maymay blushes. 


Edward clears his throat as he can't help buy cry while watching his bride walk towards him. Until now, he still can't believe that Maymay is actually getting married to him--that she loves him too. Since the day she came all the way to Germany just to tell him what she truly feels, he didn't let her go anymore. So, he proposed after a day, and Maymay said yes.

So now, she is slowly walking toward him as her eyes also glisten from the tears that are brimming in the corner of her eyes. Maymay cannot believe that she almost ended with someone else, but she also believes that everything happens for a reason. Whatever the reason is, she is happy that she found Edward. Now, she is about to spend the rest of their lives together. 

As she gets closer, she mouths 'I love you' to Edward with the brightest smile painted on her face. Edward smiles back, and when she is closer, he whispers, "I love you more. Let's get married already. I can't wait to call you, my wife." he smiles. 

**THE END***

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