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Image Description   |   04 January 2018

It's time for the sun to set

You met me right after the crash.

You have always had an affinity for flames,

I was wrapped in a blaze

And you called me Sunrise,

Little did you know,

I couldn’t take the heat.

You fed me matches,

I choked on the fire,

You said you loved it when I sang to you.

You made me a house out of candlewicks,

I cried out to him

But you heard your name.

No matter where I went

I saw your face

So I scorched my eyes,

Falling and tumbling

Through Inferno,

Suffocating in the crystal fog.

Into the lava I slowly drowned,

Who knew the sun could get burned out?

When I arose without my rays,

You didn’t recognize me,

And up in flames I went again

But you’ve lost your interest

In things that burn.

You met her sometime in winter,

You have always had an affinity for ice,

She was wrapped in frost

And you called her Moonlight,

Little did you know,

She couldn’t take the cold.

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The Black Sheep

Sa lahat ng bagay ay panalo si Luis Armando Arguello. Name it and he has it. The fame, money, face and body that women desires and men covets to have.

Image Description
Makris Orpilla
19 September 2018