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A Little Closer

Image Description NoInk   |   10 October 2017

by Dianne Ramos

I screamed that I hated you, then shut the door. I walked away and ignored the words that you said as you tried to make me stay. You’ve tried to call, you’ve tried to reach out, but all I did was push you away. I gave out signals to put distance between us.

But look a little closer.

When I said, “leave”, what I wanted was for you to come closer and pull me into an embrace.

When I walked away, what I wanted was for you to chase after me.

When I pushed you away all I wanted was for you to hold my hand.

When I gave the signals, I wanted you to close the distance in between.

When I didn’t speak, I wanted you to keep saying the words I wanted to hear.

All I ever wanted was you.

I don’t need you but I do.

I don’t want to see you but I do.

I hate you but I don't.

All you had to do was look a little closer.

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