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Sino sa Hashtags ang Pinakamaliit ang…

Image Description Beau Ang   |   12 December 2017

Height! (Oh, I know what you’re thinking of! *winks*)

#HASHTAGS Journal features the humble beginnings, dreams (and goals), and the journey of “The Kilig Ambassadors."This book's promise is to motivate the readers to keep moving forward and have fun!

Now, going back to the question -- "Sino sa Hashtags ang Pinakamaliit ang… HEIGHT?"

Standing 5 ft. 6 in. tall is the #BoyNextDoor, the very lovable Mccoy de Leon. We asked him what his funny incident from childhood was and his answer is hilarious! 

“Maagang pagtigil sa pagtangkad.” – Mccoy de Leon

Want to know more about the kilig ambassadors? Grab a copy of #HASHTAGS Journal now! You can also take a look at “#HASHTAGS Journal” in the NoInk Store!

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