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Three Reasons to Read Crazy Beautiful You This Valentine’s Day

Image Description Melissa Bagamasbad   |   07 February 2018

Relive Kathniel’s ¬action-packed, romantic adventure through Iris Lacap’s novelization

This love month, why not relive all the romantic and hugot feels (whether you’re taken or not) by reading a romantic novel or two? We recently revisited the novelization of the hit Kathniel movie, Crazy Beautiful You by Iris Lacap, and found ourselves on a romantic adrenaline rush straight out of a roller coaster with Kiko and Jackie’s love story. 

The story tells of rebellious Jackie who comes from a broken family and spends time in Tarlac for a medical mission so that she can be “rehabilitated” from her old ways. It’s here where she meets Kiko, the mayor’s son, who becomes her guide in the medical mission. The two clash at first in a classic cat and mouse dynamic but they soon grow, solve their respective issues, and fall in love with each other in the process. 

Here are reasons why we think the novel is worth spending time on, just as the film:

1. The book is filled with action-packed scenes that leave readers exhilarated and excited for what’s to happen next.

Just by having the word “crazy” in the title alone, one gets the impression that Crazy Beautiful You’s story is not the common rom com nowadays, where the boy and the girl talk mostly during the entire film. Crazy Beautiful You's story is full of exciting moments, from Jackie’s car racing, the time Kiko and Jackie first met in the wet market where they chased a cellphone thief, to Kiko and his brother fighting for Jackie’s love. Add to that that many of the scenes are set in picturesque Tarlac where the Mt. Pinatubo is located, and you have in your hands a book filled with colorful imagery. 

2.You get deep into the characters’ thoughts, feelings, and realizations with the writing.

The story isn’t just a love story but one full of lessons and insights on various issues that millennials especially can relate to. There’s the value of family, learning to be a responsible parent, owning up tour mistakes, learning self-respect and love, and so much more. The book is able to give a closer look at this because it allows readers to get into the characters’ heads and read their thoughts and feelings in a detailed manner. 

3.The romantic scenes sizzle with chemistry and sexual tension even if you’re just reading them off the pages!

Of course, one can’t help but imagine Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo in the roles of Kiko and Jackie while reading. There are plenty of romantic scenes that will get fans (and even non-fans) kilig. There’s that time Kiko found Jackie beautiful from the first time he met her (even if they were chasing a thief together) and that scene where Jackie seduces Kiko’s character so she can steal his car keys from him. The combination of funny and naughty lines, the attraction of the characters to each other, and their growing love all make for a love story that can make even the most jaded smile and root for this love story.

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