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Image Description AnnaBanana0405   |   11 January 2018

It has been her dream to be in New York City.. and his only dream is to make hers come true. Come join Maymay and Edward as they stroll around the city that never sleeps.


Written by: AnnaBanana0405


Edward and Maymay have been the best of friends since their teen years. They met in high school, and at that time, Maymay already had a tiny bit of admiration for Edward. She was the new kid in their school, and Edward has always been the popular one with the looks and brain. He was also very active in their school as he was involved in sports and other committees. In short, anyone could say that Edward is the whole package.

Edward had a girlfriend named Ven and she was the queen bee in their school. She had it all; she was smart, beautiful, and rich, but she lacked the charm and the heart. She was a brat who always got what she wanted. Ven hated Maymay ever since she came in the picture. She hated the fact that her boyfriend and Maymay became so close in an instant. At one point, the students even assumed that Maymay and Edward were the ones dating, and that Ven was already out of the picture. That infuriated Ven so much, so she ended up attacking Maymay.

Edward heard of the incident late due to soccer practice. He immediately went to Maymay after school to check on her and the sight of her brought so much pain in his heart. Maymay had a few scratches and a cut on her arm, and a bruise was clearly forming on her face as well. "Oh Maymay" Edward uttered as he caged her in his arms.

Maymay's eyes and nose were red since she had been crying since she got home. Edward caressed her back as he comforted her. "I'm sorry Maymay" he apologized.

"You didn't do anything Edward" she muttered in between her sobs.

"That's the problem twin, I didn't do anything. I heard the rumors going around the school too, and I didn't do anything. I'm really sorry" Edward hugged her tighter.

Maymay cried further in his arms, and he just let her. He believed that the only thing he can really offer her at that time was support, and letting her know that she was not alone. "Edward, why are you here?" she asked as she dries her tears from her face.

"Making sure you are okay silly" he smiled at her, as he lifts the bottom of his shirt and helped Maymay dry her tears and wipe her snot.

"Thank you" she smiled at him, "but how is your girlfriend?"  she asked him.

Edward shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know." he said nonchalantly.

"Edward! What do you mean you don't know?" she asked him in disbelief.

"It simply means I came here first twin" he explained to her. "When I heard what happened, all I could think was how you were." he said as he grabbed her face and checked her scratches, "I can't believe she would do this." he caressed her face before kissing her forehead. "I'm really sorry twin. I'll make sure this won’t happen again" he promised.

That same night, Edward went to Ven's house to clear the issue. He wanted to explain to her that Maymay is just his best friend and that she has nothing to worry about because he is loyal to her. However, everything changed when Ven asked him to do the impossible.

"EJ, I will ask you again, her or me?" she asked for the nth time.

"Why do I have to choose Ven?" he asked her back.

"Because the only way I can be happy is, if she is out of the picture Edward" she explained.

"How about my happiness Ven? Does that matter? Why is it all about you?" he questioned her.

"Why is it so hard for you Edward? She just came in the picture, I am your girlfriend. She is just a girl that came out of nowhere, why can't you just pick?" she demanded. "Her or me?" she asked again.

Edward got up and walked towards her, "Bye Ven" he kissed her hair before leaving. Ven's face was unimaginable as she watched Edward walked away from her, while Edward had a hopeful smile painted on his.


Maymay and Edward's friendship went through a whole lot more before Edward finally realized that it was Maymay, and will always be her. It was rainy that night, and they both had to stay behind in school. As the head of their student council, they had to do some final touches for their prom just to make sure that everything was set to go as planned.

Maymay seemed gloomy though, just like the weather outside and that did not miss Edward's watchful eyes. He had always been so attentive towards his best friend. "Twin?" he called.

"Yeah?" she answered without looking at him.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Uhm, nothing Edward" she answered back without lifting her head.

"You know, we are twins for a reason. I can feel when something is bothering you, so spit it out" he told her as he sat across her working table, this way he could see Maymay's face clearly.

"It's nothing Edward, nothing important" she told him as she let out a sigh.

Edward grabbed her hands, "Twin, look at me." he asked and she did, "It's just you and me here, you can tell me anything"

Maymay sighed, "Your ex twin" she admitted, and Edward tightened his grip around her hands.

"What did she do now?" he asked, and he sounded frustrated.

"Edward, it's not a big deal. Truly" she tried assuring him, but it was pointless because Edward knows what Ven is capable off.

"Tell me what she did Maymay, or I will go to her house right now and ask her myself." he sounded determined.

"Twin, no need for that extra drama." she sighed again, "but if you must know, a few weeks back, she told me that no one will dare ask me to go to prom, and she made sure of that. And look, I guess her threats are right, because so far I am still dateless" she finished.

"Ven doesn't know her limits, how do you think she manage to do that?" he asked.

"From what I heard, she threatened every guy in the school, and you know her, what she wants, is what she gets" she explained.

Edward grabbed Maymay's face all of a sudden, and gently caressed it, "Twin, you know, she may have talked to everyone in the school, but she didn't talk to me" he winked.

Maymay's felt confused all of a sudden, "Yeah, and?" she asked.

"I wasn't gonna let my favorite girl go to our senior prom alone. See, I have it all planned." he smiled, "I actually didn't know about Ven's plans, but, wait.. stay here twin" he told her as he got up.

"Where are you going?" she asked Edward who is on his way to the door.

He turned around, "just wait here twin" he instructed.

"Ugh, here I am, all sad and depress because I am going to prom by myself, and skipping it isn't even an option because of student council responsibilities," she groaned, "and then my best friend decides that it's okay to leave me here in this room, on a rainy night. It's just so creepy" she whispered to herself.

After about a few minutes, the lights started to flicker. Maymay yelped, "Bushak! Edward! Where are you? Ugh!" The lights flickered one more time, "Lord, help me" she prayed silently.

Then, the lights completely turned off. However, Maymay was not in the dark for too long because the room was suddenly brighten up with fairy lights. Then, music started to play as Edward walks in the room with a speaker in one hand, and a bouquet in the other. He sang along to his choice of song,


We are still kids, but we're so in love.

Fighting against all odds.

I know we'll be alright this time.

Darling just hold my hand, be my girl, I'll be your man.

I see my future in your eyes.


When the song finished, Edward began talking, "I would've come in with a guitar, because it's more romantic, and you deserve romance. But, I don't know how to play" he smiled sheepishly.

Maymay still looked so surprised and confused, so when Edward knelt down on one knee in front of her, she couldn't help but asked him, "Edward, what is all this?"

Edward took a deep breath to calm his erratic heart. Though he looked so relaxed on the outside, he was truly nervous. He gave Maymay the bouquet he was holding before he spoke, "Maymay, my twin, I don't know when it all started but one day, I just woke up and you... you.." he sighed as he got up. This time, they were already on eye to eye level. Edward started speaking once again, "You are important to me Maymay, very important. One day, I woke up and thought to myself, that maybe it's because you are my best friend, and that is why I care for you so much. But then, why do I get so irritated whenever some asshole gets too close to you? How come every time you show me a picture of a guy on your phone, my thoughts are always 'that should be me', why is it that whenever you are out of my sight, I am always thinking about you? And every time you are near, my heart beats so strange, like it wants to tear itself out of my rib cage and breathing is suddenly so hard?" he chuckled nervously. "I am confusing you, aren't I?" he asked.

Maymay nodded, "Only because I don't know what you're talking about Edward, but I feel like I want to cry." she wiped the tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

"Oh, shit no!" he wiped her tears with his thumb, "I'm clearly doing this wrong" he muttered. His hands traveled from the corner her eyes, to her cheeks, down to her chin. He tilted her face up, "Maymay, I think... no, no" he shook his head, "I know we are too young to talk about love, but if this isn't love what I feel for you right now, then I don't know what it is." he smiled nervously as he wiped another tear that escaped Maymay's eyes. "You can tell me if this is too much, if I am being too much, and I will stop, okay?" he asked.

She nodded, though she felt confused, her heart also felt warm and happy.

He tucked her hair behind her ear, "Maymay, I love you and I don't expect you to feel the same way, but all I'm asking is a chance.. a chance for me to show you how I feel?-"

"What do you mean Edward?" she asked, confusion clear in her voice.

"Maymay, can I" he cleared his throat, "Can I court you?" he asked as he stared into her eyes.

Surprise is clearly written on Maymay's face for she was not expecting this, "Edward, are you sure?" she asked.

"I have never been so sure in my life Maymay." he smiled reassuringly.

"Are you really serious?" she asked again since she still couldn't believe what just happened.

"Maymay, as serious as a heart attack" he laughed to lessen the tension he was feeling. Though, it was pretty clear that he was still nervous.

Maymay smiled shyly, "Then Edward, who am I to stop you? Of course, you can" she whispers.

Despite Maymay's small voice, Edward heard her loud and clear. "Really? Yes!" he exclaimed as he hugged Maymay and twirled her around. "And now, as your suitor, can I please be your date to prom?" he asked.

"Hmm, let me think about that" she teased. Edward looked so nervous again, so she reached for his forehead, and tried straightening the creases that formed there, "I'm just kidding twin. Of course!" she smiled at him.

Edward reached for her hand that was on his forehead and brought it to his lips, "Thanks twin. I promise you won't regret this."

After a few more months of courting, Edward and Maymay officially became a couple on the 6th of August. And now, before they both go on their last year of their undergraduate program, they both decided to have their first out of the country trip. Since Maymay's dream city to step on is New York, Edward immediately booked them a trip there.


"Maymay, will you wait for me?" Edward calls, as Maymay storms off from the baggage claim area.

"Don't speak to me Edward." Maymay answers back with so much attitude. She is fully aware that she is overreacting, but Edward should've known better than forgetting the camera.

"C'mon Maymay, I'm really sorry" he says as he stops in front of her, halting her steps and causing traffic in the busy area of the airport. People are just walking around them, and some are even cursing as they are causing such delay to some. Maymay didn't realize that Edward already caught up to her so quickly because she left him waiting for their bags.

She ignores his apology and crosses her arms, "So, where are our bags?" she asks.

He scratches the back of his neck, "Well, you ran off, so I ran after you" he explains.

"Edward! Ugh! Take a hint, I clearly ran off because I want to stay away from you as far as possible" she retorts. Maymay is fully aware that she is being unreasonable, but how will they capture the memories of their first vacation out of the country together without it.

"I'm really sorry May, I will find a way, we will get a new one and-"

"Hep!" she raises her hand in front of him, stopping him from talking "I heard your alternative suggestion already, but I want the camera you gave me." she sighs. "I want that to be the one capturing all our special moments together Edward" she adds.

He sighs, "Baby, I'm sorry. Can I please get a redo?" he asks as he grabs her wrists and grips them firmly. He stares into her eyes which causes Maymay to sigh. At that moment, she already knew that she lost, for she cannot resist his charms. Edward's stares have a direction to her heart, it is as if he can pull her heart strings and just like that, they are in good terms again. She is just really thankful that he never takes advantage of it. "So?" he asks as he flashes his perfect smile.

"Fine Edwardo, but that is the last time, okay?" she asks as she smiles back at him. He then travels his hands from her wrists to her hands, and intertwines them.

"I'm really sorry twin. Besides, it won't be the camera that will make our memories special, it'll be us. Well, mostly you my beautiful baby." he pulls her in his arms, and she rests her head on his chest as she listens intently to his heart.

"Uhm Edward, people are looking" Maymay whispers as she peeks around the airport to see that people have halted their steps and are just staring at them. They let go of each other in an instant, and just laugh it off. He grabs her hand and intertwines his as they walk back to the baggage claim area to grab their luggage.

As they step out of JFK airport, Maymay immediately hugs herself due to the cold winter breeze that welcomed them. Edward must have noticed it because he immediately took off his scarf and wrap it around her neck.

"How about you? Won't you be cold?" she asks.

"Don't worry about me, besides I'm always warm whenever I am beside you hottie." he winks. "Your love keeps me warm baby." he grins at her.

"You are so ugh! But, thank you" she blushes. At that moment, it is like nothing else matters. It is as if they didn't have a fight just a few minutes ago. She peeks at Edward so that she could catch a glimpse of the man she loves, but as she looks up, Edward is already staring at her. He just smiles at her. "You are so handsome love" Maymay gently caresses Edward's cheek.

"I love you" he whispers to her, as he suddenly hugs her from behind.

"I love you more" she answers back, as she grabs Edward's arms in front of her.

"We can stay here all day and argue, but you and I both know you won't win baby" he kisses the top of her head.

"One day, I will, you'll see" she states confidently.

"The only way you will win baby is if I let you" he laughs.


"Out of all months, why must we choose January for a vacation?" she asks him as soon as they got in the hotel. "It's so cold" she complains.

"Miss Entrata, may I just remind you that the whole reason we came here during winter is because you want to hit two birds with one stone?" Edward reminds her, "First, it has been a long time dream of yours to be here in New York, and secondly, you have always wanted to see snow." he teases.

"Jeez, Mr. Smarty pants, I know. I have not forgotten. But look outside, where is the snow? Nada! It's just cold, but no snow" she complains.

Edward just shakes his head towards her. He finds her too adorable. He can never get angry at her, for everything she does is just wonderful for him. "It's Mr. Barber, not smarty pants." he smiles at her, "And soon, you will be Mrs. Barber" he adds in a whisper.

"Huh? Did you say something?" Maymay inquires.

Edward shakes his head as he grabs her hand, "I said, let's go check in already, so that we can have a proper rest before we explore the city" he pulls her to the lobby. "You can sit here while I get us our rooms, okay?" he instructs her, and Maymay just nods.

Maymay seems busy and oblivious to her surroundings, as she tries connecting her phone to the WiFi in the hotel. She didn't even realize that Edward stopped walking after about 3 steps, and turned around. He seems to be in a dilemma of some sort as he stares at Maymay's figure. After about a minute or two, he steps towards her, "May?" he calls.

"Yes?" she asks without raising her head.

"Uhm, I am just wondering if.. uhmm" he mumbles, and that seems to have caught Maymay's attention.

She tilts her head up, and sees Edward's face. It is as if he is having a debate against himself, "What's wrong 'Dwardo?" she asks as she puts her phone down and grabs his hand instead. "Everything okay?"

Edward can't seem to relax, beads of sweat are evident on his wide forehead, "Edward John Barber, I will ask again, what's wrong? Everything okay twin?" she inquires.

He finally smiles as he lifts his head, ”Yeah twin, everything is okay. I just want to ask if we can get adjoining rooms so that if I feel like bothering you at night, because of course, jet lag, it's easier" he asks.

"Is that what you were so nervous about? Of course! We already slept in the same bed before twin, for how long we've been dating already! Actually, I wouldn't even mind one room, but we promised to our parents that we will get separate ones. We can't break their trust" she explains.

He smiles at her, "Okay! I'll get us adjoining rooms then. I'll be back, okay?" he squeezes her hand lightly.

"Okay, but Edward?" she stops him from getting up.

"Yeah?" he asks.

"Are you sure that everything is okay?" she asks, concern is written all over her face.

Edward smiles at her, "Everything is better than okay, because everything is great. I am here in this beautiful city with my favorite girl. This is our first vacation together twin, alone. Just the two of us, I still can't believe our parents let us" he chuckles.

"Okay twin, but if there is anything wrong or bothering you, just tell me!" she squeezes his hand before letting it go.

"Actually, there is one thing babe." he pulls Maymay up, and rests his hands on her waist.

"And what is that?" she smiles at him knowingly. She knows him well, because even though Edward didn't say anything yet, she grabs his face and pulls it closer to her. "If you want one, you can always initiate you know?" she mutters against his lips before giving him a kiss.

Maymay's plan was to only give him a peck, but as soon as their lips touch, Edward deepens it until they are both running out of breath. "And this is why our parents made us promise to them that we will be in separate rooms, due to your inability to muster self-control" she reprimands him.

"Don't act like you don't enjoy it babe" he winks at him before walking to the reception.

Maymay just shakes her head at her boyfriend, "I do enjoy it Edward, every damn time." she whispers to herself.



"Bushak!" Maymay jumps from the floor, as she puts her clothes away in the hotel closet. "It's unlocked" she yells, and from their adjoining door, Edward emerges with a big smile on his face.

"You will be so happy babe” he informs her as he walks in, with his hands behind him.

"And why is that?" Maymay asks as she continues fixing her clothes. She didn't even look up as she seems so fixated with arranging her clothes.

"Jeez nevermind babe" he mutters as he lays on top of Maymay's bed, "you can't even give me a glance, you seem too busy with your clothes. I mean, what could be more important than your handsome boyfriend--"

"Stop rambling" Maymay covers his mouth, "why is my boyfriend so dramatic?" she smiles. Edward licks the inside of Maymay's hand which causes her to yelp, "Gross baby" Maymay mutters.

"Gross?! I am offended! How many times have you had my lips on yours? And now you are telling me it's gross?" Edward mutters as he sits on the bed. "I am hurt. First, you didn't even look at me when I walked in, and then now you are telling me my saliva is gross?" he utters dramatically.

"Drama king!" Maymay mutters as she sits on his lap, and links her hands around his neck. "This" she gives him a peck on the lips, "is definitely not gross." she smiles. "Actually, this is addicting" she kisses him passionately, and when they finish, they are both grinning like love sick fools.

"Fine, you're forgiven" he smiles, as his ears turn red. "Why are you so good at distracting?" he asks playfully.

"I learned from the best!" she smiles triumphantly at him, "Why are you here by the way? And what will make me so happy? Besides you, of course!" she winks at him.

"Good one love, well, if you weren't too distracting me with your lips, then you would've noticed the camera sitting right beside me" he reaches for the camera and presents it to her.

"OMG! Where did you find it? You are truly the best boyfriend ever" she kisses him, "So now we are ready baby, let's go explore the Big Apple!" she says excitingly. "Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for us, welcome to New York, welcome to New York" Maymay sings, and Edward just shakes his head as he watches the love of his life sing her heart out.


"Where to?" Edward asks Maymay.

"Babe! Times Square" she happily squeals.

Edward puts the map right in front of them as he locates one of New York's most famous attractions, "It's not too far from here, let's go?" he interlocks his hand with Maymay, and though they are both wearing winter gloves, they can still feel the heat emitting from their palms.

"Baby, I don't think we can explore the whole of Times Square tonight! Look, there's Broadway, shopping, food, and so much more." she says excitingly as they reach the core of downtown.

"Good thing we are here for four days baby, we can come back if we have extra time" he smiles at her.

"Edward! Take a picture of me over there! I want the lights to be the background, okay? It's so beautiful" she sounds so mesmerized.

"You're more beautiful baby" he whispers to her before kissing her cheek.

Despite the cold winter breeze, Maymay's cheeks start to heat up, "Just take the picture Edward" she dismisses him softly.

"It's true! You are the most beautiful girl, no, woman, that I have ever seen in my life" he caresses her cheek.

"Edward, are you wearing your contacts? Maybe they're all dried up already since it's so cold here. I think you have gone blind" she laughs at him.

"Even if I go blind, I will know that you are still beautiful my love" he says smoothly.

"And why is that?" she asks.

"For it's not only my eyes that see you, but this too" he points to his heart.

"Edward, will you just take my picture? I already love you, you don't have to make me fall for you over and over again" she wipes the tears that start to race down her cheeks, before walking to the spot where she wants her picture to be taken.

Edward is left dumbfounded, he couldn't believe that Maymay still falls for him every day. "I love you so much, and more and more everyday" he whispers to himself as he focuses the lens on the woman he loves, capturing candid moments that they will definitely treasure forever. "Ready? 1, 2, 3!"


As they walk more around Times Square, Edward stops all of a sudden which causes Maymay to stop her tracks as well.

"Babe, do you hear that?" he asks.

Maymay tries to listen intently, and a smile start to appear on her face, "Our song love" she mutters as she looks at him.

"May I have this dance?" he asks as he offers his hand.

"Here? In the square?" she asks incredulously.

Edward shrugs his shoulder, "babe, we don't know them, they don't know us. So, carpe diem! Dance with me my love"

Maymay accepts his hand, and they sway in the middle of the crowded tourist spot, while Edward sings for the woman who owns his heart.


Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was,

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow,

Your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you're holding mine


Edward is holding Maymay's waist, while she links her hands behind Edward's neck. After a while, she rests her head on his chest as they continue to sway to the tune, and letting themselves get lost in the romantic atmosphere of New York City.


The next day, as Edward gets ready, he heard knocks coming from their adjoining door. He opens it and is welcomed by his Maymay, "Yes? How can I help you beautiful?" he smiles at her.

She looks behind her, "Is there someone else behind me Edward? Who is beautiful?" she asks.

As she turns back around, she hasn't realized that Edward's face is already so close to hers, "You. You are beautiful." he mutters against her lips, before locking his on hers.

"Oh, what an intense good morning kiss, that could last me a day" Maymay smiles playfully at Edward.

"A day?! I'll give you more throughout the day baby" Edward laughs, "By the way, what did you need babe?" he asks.

"Oh right! Jeez, stop distracting me baby! I actually just came to tell you to get ready so that we could have breakfast, because I want to explore the city early. What is in our itinerary today?" she asks.

"If you ask me, I'd rather just stay in and watch movies with you all day-"

"Uhm, no-"

"Let me finish baby, anyway, like I was saying I'd rather stay in, but I know how much you want to explore New York, and how this has always been your dream, and I hope to fulfill all your dreams my love-"

"Edward" she stops him from talking, "I love you" she mutters as she hugs him so sudden, taking him by surprise. "so much" she adds as she tightens her arms around him.

"I love you more" he kisses the top of her head, as he hugs her back.

She tilts her head up, and is now staring at Edward, "You are my dream come true Edward" she mutters.

Edward smiles at her, "Now, who is distracting who?" he teases.

"Still you babe, you are so cheesy!" she laughs, "Anyway, what is the plan today?"

"The Statue of Liberty baby. We will do the Hudson River cruise to the island, and then afterwards, we will stroll Central Park, okay?" he suggests.

"We can do the cruise, even in the winter?" she asks.

"Yes, it's not like the river is frozen. But please, dress warm because it's colder near the river" he reminds her.

"Pfft, you are there to keep me warm anyway" she teases as she walks back to her room, leaving Edward with a playful smile painted on his face.


"So, how was the Statue? Did it meet all your expectations?" Edward asks after they did the Liberty tour.

"Actually, I'm kind of disappointed" she mutters.

"Woah, why?" he asks in surprise.

"Well, why does the statue look bigger in TV?! in the movies and all? But when it's all up close and personal, it's really small." she tells him as they eat their chosen street food from New York, kebabs.

"It's never like the movies baby, but still better now that you've seen it, right? I mean, you've been wanting to see it for so long!" he takes a bite from the kebab he is holding.

"Of course twin! I am happy. This is New York baby, a lifelong dream of mine, and now, it is already a reality. The height of the Statue of Liberty doesn't matter much, I am already happy I got to have a picture with it." she beams, "and now, we are here in one of the most famous parks in the world." she laughs.

"It's different from the parks in the Philippines, I can tell you that! See those ducks in the pond, if we were back home, all the drunkards would've eaten them already while they drink their life away" he laughs, "that's why our ponds in the Philippines never have ducks in them" he adds and they both laugh.

"Twin, I want to feed the ducks, just like the movies" she suggests.

"Uhm, okay, wait here! I'll buy bread" he kisses her cheeks, but Maymay stops him from walking away.

"I'll come with you" she smiles.

"I won't be long you know" he says as he puts his arm around Maymay.

She rests her head comfortably on Edward's shoulder, "I know baby, but I also don't want to be left alone there. Why? Are you planning to go sightseeing without me? Maybe you want a side chick?" she sounds angry all of a sudden. Maymay starts to walk fast, leaving a confused Edward behind.

Edward just scratches the back of his head, "women" he mutters under his breath before running after Maymay. "Babe, baby! Maymay" he calls, and when he finally catches up, he grabs Maymay's hand and turns her around, "Why is it that even if you are angry, you are still so beautiful?" he starts.

"Edward John Barber, you stop with the beautiful comments, I'm not laughing" she says with a serious face.

"Well, you shouldn't be laughing anyway, because I'm not joking" he says seriously. "Maymay, my baby, why would I need a side chick when you are already more than enough for me? When you fill all the emptiness and void in my life? When you give me so much love already? I don't need anyone else. I just need you. I just want you. I love you" he finishes.

Maymay is just staring at him, letting his words sink in. After a few moments, she starts to speak, "Sorry, you know, sometimes my inferiority complex kicks in because let's admit it, I am not the prettiest-"

"Oh but you are-"

"Let me finish Edward, I am not the prettiest for everybody, so sometimes I feel insecure about myself. So I guess, I want to say thank you because you never made me feel inadequate Edward" she smiles, "And oh, I love you too" she gives him a peck on his lips.

"Because you are more than enough my love" he kisses her nose.

"Ugh, twin! Why my nose?" she whines.

"Because your nose is cute! Come, let's get the bread, so we can feed the ducks" he smiles.


"I am so tired twin! We walked so much today" Edward complains as he lays on Maymay's bed.

"I know, my feet have blisters, boots are not walking friendly, and I can't wear my sneakers as I need to keep my feet warm" she complains.

"Yes, keeping you warm is my number one priority. I don't want you to get sick. Like now, come closer, so I can keep you warm" he spreads his arms, inviting her for a hug.

"Pssh Edward, I'm not cold though" she laughs, but she still crawls toward Edward's inviting arms. She lets Edward hug her from behind, as she relaxes. "Twin, what are we doing tomorrow?" she asks.

"Just the Empire State Building baby, and we will go a little bit later in the evening so that we can enjoy the city lights my love." he whispers to her.

She yawns, "Okay twin, just wake me up, okay?"

"Okay, sleep my love. We had a tiring day" he kisses her hair and holds her tightly in his arms.

"Goodnight Edward, I love you" she turns her head sideways and points her lips with her eyes close.

Edward can't help but chuckle, "I love you too" and he kisses her back.

Maymay fell asleep shortly after, and Edward walks silently back to his room.


"You know twin, it's a good thing I have no fear of heights, you know?" Maymay tells Edward as they stand on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

"Why?" Edward asks as beads of sweat start to form on his creased forehead despite the cold wind.

"Because if I do, then who will hold your hand right now as you shake in fear over there?" she teases.

He looks shocked, "I am not-"

"Twin, stop it. It's just me, you don't have to lie. Besides, you don't have to be so macho all the time. I like to feel needed too. Don't worry, you can hold me as tight as you want" she assures him.

"Thanks baby, but in my defense, we are approximately 1250 feet above ground, so forgive me if I feel a bit nervous." he clings tighter to Maymay.

Maymay ushers him closer to the edge of the observation deck, "Come, let's look at the city from above".

Edward positions himself behind her and hugs her from behind, as they both watch the city under them. "So beautiful baby" Edward whispers, "almost as beautiful as you my love" he kisses her neck.

Maymay crosses her arms in front of her as she intertwines her fingers with Edward. They watch the city lights go on and off, like stars, as they both wonder what the people are doing in this busy place--the city that never sleeps.


"Edward, I still haven't seen snow" Maymay complains after their Rockefeller Tower tour.

"I know, so far, all we've experienced is the cold" he agrees, "But don't worry baby, it will come, we still have tonight before our flight tomorrow, so let's hope, okay?" he smiles at her.

"I hope so, I really want to see snow twin" she sounds hopeful.

"You will my angel, you will, but for now let's hit the Rockefeller center and see if you still remember how to skate!" he beams at her.

"Well, I guess, that's the closest I can get to snow, ice" she grabs Edward's arms.

When they reach the skating rink, they start to glide on ice and Edward is just holding Maymay's hand at all times. He never liked the idea of Maymay getting hurt, but as soon as Maymay got the hang of skating once again, she asked Edward to let go.

"Are you sure? I need to be very sure baby. I don't want you to fall" he asks.

"Edward, don't be so overprotective" she smiles, "I promise, it's okay, even if I fall, I know you will be right beside me to help me get up, right?" she asks.

"Of course, always my love" he smiles, and kisses her hand before letting it go. "I'll just be beside you."

As they skate, Maymay felt a tiny drop on her face, and when she looks up; she got distracted and lost her balance. Edward is right beside her in an instant. He expects her to be in pain, instead, he is surprised to see Maymay grinning like she just won the lottery.

"Are you okay?" Edward asks, all his focus on Maymay.

"Yes! I am okay, in fact I am happy Edward" she answers.

"Huh?" he asks.

"Baby, look up! Look around us" she instructs.

And that was when Edward finally realizes that snowflakes are falling softly around them. "Wow, I told you it would come" he helps Maymay get up from the ice.

"So beautiful baby" she mutters in awe. "Just so beautiful" she raises her hands, palms up as she tries to catch the snow.

"You are more beautiful than that, and right now, you look like an angel covered in white my baby." he watches Maymay in amazement. "You look beautiful in white love" he whispers to himself.

Maymay sticks her tongue out, trying to catch the snowflakes on it. Edward grabs his phone and records Maymay first reaction to snow. All of sudden, a snow flake lands on Maymay's nose, and Edward just couldn't help himself. He skates towards her, and kisses the snow away.

Edward's lips travel down to Maymay's lips, and they kiss each other in the middle of the rink as the snow falls gently around and on them. Afterwards, they hug each other and they both look up as they admire the beauty of their surroundings.


"So was it everything you expected it to be?" Edward asks as they line up to check-in for their flight home.

"It was everything and more baby. Thank you" she smiles at him.

"What are you thanking me for? I should be the one thanking you because you just gave me the best New York experience ever" he tells her.

"Edward, since it is both our first time here in New York, your point is moot" she smiles back, "I'm just saying thank you because you're you, and that you chose to love me every day. Who would've thought? Right?"

Edward stares at her adoringly, "Love works in mysterious ways baby-"

Maymay lifts her index finger in the air, signaling Edward to keep quiet as an announcement fills the airport.

"All flights in JFK have been cancelled due to the inclement weather outside. The airport is now closed, and no aircraft is allowed to fly out. We deeply apologize for this. In return, we are offering complimentary round trip tickets that you may use at any time due to this delay. The airport should be open by tomorrow as we are expecting for the snow to clear then. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

"So, when are we coming back?" they ask each other at the same time.


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The Black Sheep

Sa lahat ng bagay ay panalo si Luis Armando Arguello. Name it and he has it. The fame, money, face and body that women desires and men covets to have.

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