These strikingly handsome Star Magic men own the teleserye spots—and our hearts—because of their superb acting skills.


Teleseryes involve extreme emotions and passion. It’s a good thing our dashing leading men never fail to give the viewers flawless acting—complete, of course, with their pogi faces—that’s why people go crazy for them! Prepare to be kilig, amazed, and to drool.




Actor, host, and model JC De Vera plays Rafael Cabrera, the current husband of Camille (Shaina Magdayao) in Kapamilya Gold teleserye The Better Half.  Rafael is a businessman who loves his wife and would go to lengths to defend her from his parents who accuses her as a gold digger.


Just look at that good-boy smile—that’s the smile of someone you’d want to introduce to your family! Way to go, JC!





Carlo Aquino started way back in the industry as a child actor. And his mettle as an actor has sustained him throughout the years, truly earning where he is now.


Carlo portrays the role of Marco in The Better Half, who lost his memory in an accident. He would, of course, regain his memories, which would make the situation a lot more interesting. Are you rooting for Marco and Camille to get back together?





A man who wants to prove his worth to his father and to the woman he loves—that’s Jake Cuenca’s character, Carlos. He is aggressive and competitive in everything: in his career and in love. He even tried pushing Bianca (Kim Chiu) to interfere with Gabriel’s (Gerald Anderson) goals! Superb kontrabida, we must say!





Who could forget FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (FPJAP)’s Joaquin Tuazon? Arjo’s extreme character drew a lot of emotions from the viewers. He was hated by a nation for his evil deeds and for always being the kontrabida to Cardo Dalisay’s (Coco Martin) life. But more than that, he has been applauded on how he was able to make a convincing portrayal of his character.  And btw, Joaquin Tuazon’s exit on FPJAP marked a 43.4% rating according Kantar Media—that’s some real jaw-dropping number!





King of Hearts Daniel Padilla’s character Tristan in La Luna Sangre is almost close to his real personality. He is a simple, jolly, and hardworking man with a good heart. He also shows a lot of emotions in the show, from laughter to tears—laughter whenever he is with his family and friends, but tears whenever he remembers the time his father was killed by vampires. And with a snap of a finger, Daniel can easily switch emotions. He really deserves a *slow clap*!


And of course, the King needs his Queen, Kathryn Bernardo. The #KathNiel fever is still in full gear with this project! The show is already getting good ratings and feedbacks from its viewers, and La Luna Sangre is just starting with its pasabog scenes so expect more intense, action-filled scenes—plus, of course, more kilig moments from our dearest KathNiel.





The much-awaited comeback of the KimErald loveteam, comprised of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, finally happened in Dreamscape’s Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin. It is the story of Gabriel and Bianca who both dreamed to be professional athletes. Gabriel is a selfless man who prioritizes the concern of the people he loves first, including Bianca, his love interest, rather than his own dreams. Very much like the off-screen personality of Gerald Anderson, right?


Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin is just one of many reasons why fans still go crazy over Gerald and Kim’s tandem and we can’t wait to see them together in more projects in the future! But for now, we have to continue watching the show to see how Gabriel will survive the struggle between fighting for his dreams and for the girl he loves. ∎

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