This movie never gets old.


I don’t know anyone who didn’t at least tear up while watching this film. It’s such a heartwarming story that everyone can relate to, with lessons for both adults and kids.


Here are just some of the things the movie helped us realize or reminded us of.


Sometimes people (and situations) disappoint us, and that’s okay.


This is something that doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s kind of heartbreaking. When we realize that the person or people we look up to don’t live up to our idea of them, we feel kind of foolish or betrayed.


But the silver lining is that we learn to see people as they are. We stay grounded to the reality of things and learn to accept them.




We don’t go through life with these so called rose-colored-glasses on, but with clear eyes and clearer minds.


Old dogs can still learn new tricks


Despite being old and grumpy (and named a menace at the start of the film), Carl was able to open himself up to new things, new friends, and ultimately a new life.




Sure, it took a while for him to get there, and he was really mean to Russell at the beginning, he was stubborn and somewhat senile, but at the end, he was able to open himself up.


Reluctance is part of any change, and we just need to see it as part of the process.


There is life after your great love


When we’re in love, we make plans. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we make plans to spend the rest of our lives together, ‘til death does us part. But when plans take different turns, and our loved ones leave us in one way or another, we feel as if all our plans are worthless already and the plans we had are moot. But it doesn’t have to be that way.




Sometimes you reach dreams you had together on your own, but it’s still for the both of you. You’re still allowed to be happy about it. You’re still allowed to keep dreaming. You’re still allowed to carry on without them.


Don’t feel guilty about living your life after they’ve gone because that’s just life. There’s always a way Up.

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