Get fleek brows on a budget!


#1 Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil


Price: PHP 178

Why it’s awesome: Its soft texture makes it really easy to apply. It has the right amount of color to fill in your brows, and there’s no need to sharpen it because it has a twist-up feature. It even has a soft spoolie on the other end! This product comes in six colors.


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#2 Maybelline Fashionbrow 3D Palette


Price: PHP 349

Why it’s awesome: This eyebrow palette includes 2 shading powders and 1 shaping wax. It also includes a soft yet firm brush. It’s a multipurpose makeup because the powders are formulated to be finely-milled so you can use it to contour your nose too! Yay for 2-in-1!


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#3 Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Gel


Price: PHP 349

Why it’s awesome: This is perfect for ladies and gentlemen who are always on the go! This gel has a wearable tint to fill in your brows with. It also keeps your brows on fleek and in place.

honey im good

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#4 Colourette Browfessional Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil


Price: PHP 299

Why it’s awesome: WATERPROOF! This is a personal favorite of mine because it can withstand sweat, heat, and time. It has a spoolie on the other end, and has a triangular shaped tip that twists up so there’s also no need to sharpen. Both of their shades are flattering for Pinays!


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#5 Rimmel Brow this Way Brow Gel


Price: PHP 380

Why it’s awesome: Are you a baby-powder-and-cheek-tint kinda gal (or guy)? Add this clear eyebrow gel to your arsenal to keep your brows groomed and in place. This eyebrow gel goes on and dries clear. It’s never sticky and it lasts looong!


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Which one of these eyebrow babies is your fave?

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