Strike a pose, then satisfy your food cravings while you’re at it!


The first unlimited food park in the Philippines just opened its doors this year. While everyone’s raving about their eat-all-you-can bacon strips, we gotta’ say that we’re just as excited about their Instagram-worthy aesthetic.

Below, our 5 favorite OOTD spots at Gastro Park Infinity in Kapitolyo.

1. In front of the picture-perfect food booths


While you’re waiting in line, take a selfie of strike a pose. Then, satisfy your food cravings while you’re at it.

Photo courtesy of Cha Ocampo

2. Beside the colorful steel drums!


Isn’t this a neat place to chill and have cotton candy-topped drinks?

Photo courtesy of Aisa Ipac

3. Where the bright neon lights are!


You can finally have those Riverdale-inspired portraits you’ve always wanted!

Photo courtesy of Jessa Velasquez

4. Beside pretty walls and food stalls


For the minimalist aesthetic, check out this cute little corner. Good lighting and a plain background will make that outfit standout!

Photo courtesy of Hershey Neri

5. At this crowd favorite signage!


Because everyone loves sweet nothings, don’t they?

Photo courtesy of Rhea Bue

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