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Korea isn’t only popular for K-pop and K-drama but it is also popular for its appetizing food!

You can just go to Myeong-dong and see tons of street food carts. TBH, it’s really hard to choose what to buy because everything looks DELICIOUS.

Who needs to go to restaurants when you can eat full meals in Korea’s street food?!

1. Rice Punch / Sikhye




It is a sweet traditional Korean rice drink. Perfect for summer!! (bonus: Sikhye is healthy, too!)

2. Baked Cheese / Guun Chijeu




For the cheese lovers out there! Skewered tteokbokki (rice cake) and cheese drizzled with condensed milk! YOU. MUST. TRY. THIS.

3. Poop Bread / Ddong-Bbang




Too cute to eat! A poop bread with chocolate or red bean filling. Don’t worry, it tastes good!

4. Fish Cake / Odeng




This is the best we’ve tried! You will know why the weightlifting fairy, Kim Bok Joo ate too much in the drama. YES IT REALLY TASTES THAT GOOD. You should try the soup, as well! Just ask the vendor then he’ll give you a cup.

5. Egg Bread / Gyeran-Bbang




A warm steamed bun with egg and balanced sweet and salty flavor. A perfect brunch or snack!

6. Spicy Rice Cakes / Tteokbokki




The country’s most famous street food! It might be too spicy for some but it definitely tastes better when you eat it in Korea!

7. Honeycomb ice cream


ice cream


Craving dessert after eating everything on the list? You should try this at Myeong-dong!

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