Save yourself some time and go straight for these


The first thing that’s hard to ignore is the heat at 4 in the afternoon, just when the festivities begin. But your focus will soon shift to the line of stalls in the horizon.


Just the sight of so many food choices will make your stomach growl, your mouth water, and your inner takaw-mata come alive!


The wise thing to do is to scan all the stalls first, then take note of the things you reeeaally wanna try. (Take down actual notes, not just mental ones!)


Then you start lining up! (Tip: try to limit your carbs and bring a friend or two to cover more dishes!)


1. I went straight for the Salted Egg Pork & Fries because i had a feeling that would sell out fast because of the words ‘salted’ and ‘egg’.

1. Salted Egg Pork

The salted egg was drizzled just when they plated the pork, still hot off the deep-fryer. Your first bite of that succulent rib with just the right texture and saltiness from the sinful sauce will make you giddy.


2. The Cheese Empanada

2. Cheese Empanada

At first I thought it was just going to be cheese inside but turns out it’s the usual fare of meat, egg, and papaya, but the cheese factor made a big difference I didn’t expect. It was unusual but you can really taste the difference with the small deviation.


3. Sisig Paella

3. Sisig Paella

I know I said limit your carbs, but I really saved room for this one. Sisig is always a crowd favorite and this one didn’t disappoint.


4. Bagnet Pizza

4. Bagnet Pizza

Yes, carbs again, don’t judge me! (Erwan, I know you were out there, so please look away).


4.1 Erwan


I loved the crunchiness of the meat trapped in a nice thin layer of cheese. Who would’ve thought, bagnet on pizza. (Although anything bagnet is kind of a winner)


5. Lamb Roti John (half loaf)

5. Roti John

It looks like a Cuban sandwich with the baguette slightly flattened, and you can see some of its ingredients oozing out from the sides and you immediately imagine just how good this baby would taste like. And the actual bite won’t differ much from the one in your head. Promise.


6. Martabak
6. Martabak

With all the savory dishes offered, only a few dessert stalls really caught my eye and this is definitely worth trying! The Martabak pancake comes in a few flavors: cheese, chocolate, red velvet, oreo, green tea KitKat, and nutella almond.


7. Kalderetang Ramen
7. Kalderetang Ramen

Whuuuut?” you say. Yeah, we thought so too. But my friend said this one was her top pick in the whole lot!


8. Balinese BBQ Pork Ribs with Salad

8. Balinese BBQ

Ok, well, ribs = ALWAYS  a good idea. The sort of sweet-spicy marinade of this one is nothing fancy but the familiarity is comforting.


9. Banh Xeo

9. Banh Xeo

This crispy rice mung bean pancake with seafood is light on the palate. After the heavy chewing from all the pork, this is a nice break.


Additional tips: Have some cash in hand, around 2,000Php as the dishes are priced at an average of 250/plate. Also, wear light clothes because the heat could dampen your spirits!

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