New loveteams will make their first red carpet appearances together at the Star Magic Ball 2017!


The Star Magic Ball is almost upon us. But first, let us relive the kilig we felt because of the romantic moments these duos shared when the guys “proposed” to their respective partners.


1. MayWard

During the guesting of the effortlessly kilig, phenomenal loveteam MayWard (Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber) on the morning talk show Magandang Buhay to promote their movie, Loving in Tandem, Edward had a super effort proposal to Maymay—live on national television!


He knelt on the ground, popped the question, and opened a box with a camera charm (which Edward’s dad bought in Dubai!) for Maymay’s charm bracelet. Maymay’s reply? Of course, it’s a resounding “Yes!



2. KissMarc

The budding relationship of Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo was apparent on their guesting on the late night talk show Tonight With Boy Abunda, wherein Marco asked Kisses to be his date for the Ball.


Marco is half-Italian—and Italians are known for being romantic—so one proposal didn’t seem to be enough. He proposed to Kisses again on ASAP Chillout, this time gifting her with a giant teddy bear.



3. MarNigo

Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual make sweet music together. Their onstage chemistry is palpable, and much to the delight of MarNigo shippers, they will be walking the red carpet together. Inigo asked Maris to be his date at the Star Magic Ball—live on  the ASAP stage; he knelt on the ground and asked her “Will you be my date sa Star Magic Ball?” while handing her a red rose.


Obviously dying of kilig, all Maris could muster to say was “Bakit naman hindi?



4. JHo

Young JV and Miho Nishida may have met each other at the right place at the right time. These La Luna Sangre co-stars just went through break-ups, and perhaps having each other helped with mending their broken hearts.


Young JV surprised Miho and proposed to her on their last taping day for LLS with a big basket of balloons, chocolates, rainbow-colored roses, and a printed invitation written in Japanese (Miho was raised in Japan). This quickly fanned the dating rumors.      



5. PaulBie

This couple has no qualms about showing their sweetness on social media—like when Paul Salas gave Barbie Imperial a ticket to Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour in Manila (which sadly didn’t push through) and a teacup poodle named “Cloud” both for her birthday.


For Paul’s Star Magic Ball proposal, he pretended to be sick so Barbie would visit him—she rushed to visit him and little did she know he would greet her with a big teddy bear, a red rose, and a perfectly healthy date.     



6. MarkVen

We’ve been seeing a lot of sweet photos of Markus Paterson and Heaven Peralejo online, and we can’t help but wonder about the real score between the two. If anything, Markus’ proposal to Heaven to be his Star Magic Ball date—complete with a panda stuffed toy, a bouquet of red roses, and him on bended knee—proves they are each other’s special someone.


You're full of surprises… It's a date then, haha! See you at the ball 🐼☺️

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