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They built a wall to divide us. Are you willing to break it down with me?


  • rochellyheart
    15 February 2018
    Fiction, Humor and Comedy, Music, Romance

  • Minsan hanap tayo nang hanap ng "meant to be" natin. Lumingon pa tayo sa likod at sumulyap pa sa kaliwa at kanan... Yun pala, nandyan lang sya sa tabi mo...


  • burgermclisse
    05 March 2018

  • Time has a way of bringing you closer to the one who often makes it stop. Can 7 minutes change their 14 years of their not-so-platonic friendship?
  • Makiwander
    18 June 2018
    Humor and Comedy, Romance

  • "Break Na Tayo? Kailan Pa?" All Rights Reserved Young Adult Romance