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  • Veldet_Ayesha    |   06 November 2018
    Chick Lit, Memoir, Music, Relationships, Romance

I used to become one of his closest friend, but like the others girls who can only watch him from afar. I'm just an ordinary Fangirl, who dreams to hold his hand forever,


  • rochellyheart
    10 April 2018
    Fiction, Humor and Comedy, Music, Romance

  • Minsan hanap tayo nang hanap ng "meant to be" natin. Lumingon pa tayo sa likod at sumulyap pa sa kaliwa at kanan... Yun pala, nandyan lang sya sa tabi mo...
  • Vincent Manrique
    24 May 2018
    Fiction, Gay and Lesbian, Humor and Comedy, Relationships

  • Dalawang beki... Isang baby... Walang mommy. Paano aakuin nina Paulo at Rob ang responsibilidad sa isang sanggol na hindi naman nila kadugo?


  • LilMisSkrengge
    02 January 2018
    Entertainment, Fiction, Romance

  • What will you do if you only have 24 days left? A story of two souls searching for answers. Will you take the chance or will you let chance take you?

  • 17 July 2018
    Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

  • If you knew your last day alive, how would you spend your time?