It’s all about unique styling!


Life is too short for boring clothes. Here are 4 foolproof fashion tips on how to look extra!

1. Go bold with print-on-print!


Mixing and matching prints can be a bit tricky, but the goal is simple—make your outfit fun yet cohesive!

Find a piece with dominant prints and wear it with another item that has smaller prints. You can also pair together clothes with similar or complementing color patterns. Top it off with white sneaks or super sexy heels for a double tap-worthy look!

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2. Get crafty like Gucci!


Express your creativity with vintage patches, beads, and buttons ala Gucci. The brand’s aesthetics are all about eclecticism, antique prints, and clashing colors, after all.

Have fun sewing patches on your jackets, sweaters, or shirts, and go wild by decking them with contrasting embellishments!



3. Get garbed with add-ons


Add some accents to your look to make it more interesting! Wear a headband, a scarf, a vintage belt, a cool hat, or some layered necklaces. Whatever works!

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4. Break the rules!


Rule number four? Break the rules! Fashionistas should always think outside the box. Who says you can’t wear a button down sleeve another way? Wear it as an off shoulder top, tie it around your waist, use it as a cover up, or use it as a skirt! Feel free to do you and just get creative!


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