5 Reasons to watch it, stat!


Matthew Vaughn is back! The adrenaline rush in this movie is still on point, but there are quite a lot of moments that make you think on your seat.


Here’s why we think Kingsman: The Golden Circle is deserving of your attention:



The fancy costumes are a given. But the people behind them are the real story.


Take Eggsy (Taron Egerton) who can turn from softie to macho in a jiffy, and at many moments simultaneously. In hindsight, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but we’re seeing a character in Hollywood—a heroic protagonist in Hollywood—that isn’t defined by his machismo. The same goes for other characters, and we think this film has broken some crucial stereotypes.


While some of the big stars didn’t strike us in the way most of us expected to, we can’t deny that we see the humanity of characters shine through the theatrics. We think that’s important, and we want to see more of it.





This is an observation of the state of the world and it needs thorough witnesses. The Golden Circle will feel quite familiar, because it feels like a condensation of our daily news today.


The current world that the humans have made it to be doesn’t feel like a safe space to be in anymore. But cinema—a form of escape for everybody—is just about the perfect avenue to address this.


They may have been brought up on the surface and without total resolve, but the awareness and hope that it imparts is something to bring home.



The dynamism of Kingsman’s adrenaline-charged scenes have stayed. George Richmond’s camerawork is something that makes the action in Kingsman quite notable.


A few minutes into the film doesn’t only send you to the edge of your seat, it will probably bring you the most cinematic fun you’ve had in a while.





The future is now, Kingsman is set in the probable future, and it looks a little bit terrifying. The film showed all the ugliness of the future if we’re not vigilant. What would it be like if we continue to turn deaf to the world’s problems: oppression of the minorities, technology taking over, unsustainable consumption, and malicious authorities still hold their power?


Kingsman once again used theatrics to make the bad look extremely bad. But what’s notable here is that while the good and the bad aren’t black and white, it still shines the light on what’s right.


Mark Strong and Taron Edgerton



Kingsman may be fighting against the world, but it’s fighting for the people in it. The sequel places deep importance on relationships, as the world of Kingsman has always been. The film is quite jam-packed with action, but it’s also glorious in its tender moments. The return of Colin Firth will convince you so.


After all, whatever our goal is as a society, we cannot do it alone. Kingsman: The Golden Circle reminds us of that. ∎

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