These two won’t let the hate get into them.


They are four of the most followed and influential teen stars on Social Media these days. Every word they say, and every move they make create such noise, turning into trending topics day in, day out. However, this popularity is taking a toll on them, as their respective fans compete against each other: for “supremacy”, of who is the bigger star or loveteam.




The good thing is, PBB Lucky Season 7’s “Apat Na Sikat” Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Marco Gallo and Kisses Delavin manage not to mind these exchange of tirades and bashings, and hold on to the friendship they started inside Kuya’s house a year ago. In fact, they are debuting on the big screen through Star Cinema’s “Loving In Tandem”, set to make their fiercest and most loyal supporters most kilig in cinemas this coming September 13.


NoInk was able to join MayWard and Kissmarc during the Grand Media Launch of their first movie, and we get to ask them on how they are able to keep their restrain and composure amid the social media frenzy on their respective careers, individually and as pairs. We must say, these four are not just role models because of their promising looks and talents, but at how they answer questions, and handle bashers and trolls at their young age.




If you can smile at a problem, it’s not a problem. If you can laugh at it, better. So that’s what I do. I take her (Maymay) advice every day. If I see a comment, like ‘Edward is the worst actor ever’, I send it to Maymay and my friends and we laugh about it. We don’t comment back, it’s only good fun. Just to make, if it’s something heavy, then why not make a joke out of it. That’s a lot easy to do.” – Edward


Ang masasabi ko lang po talaga, hangga’t nakakapit ako sa Diyos, only God can judge me po. Kaya wala po akong pakialam sa kanila.” – Maymay




Kasi sa amin (sa Italy), cold yung mga tao. I mean, hindi masyadong iniisip at iniintindi ang sinasabi ng mga ibang tao. Pero naaapektuhan po ako kapag, kunwari, yung kaibigan ko ang nakaaway ko. Or siya yung nagsabi na may ginawa akong mali. Doon ako… ‘Ah ok, affected ako’. Pero kung ibang tao na di ko kaano-ano o di ko kilala, those are just words without feelings for me po.” – Marco


What you don’t see won’t hurt you, di ba?  So as much as possible, I don’t really read comments anymore. Before I used to do that kasi I wanted to know what other people think of me. You know, I just know. But now, I feel freer kasi I listen to people that I need to listen to, like my parents, my critics. My biggest critic kasi is myself. Then my parents, then the veterans (in the industry).” – Kisses ∎

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