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Prince with Benefits: The love story found after a heartache

NoInk   |   23 September 2019

Can you fall in love with a real Prince Charming?

What do broken hearted people usually do after a bad break up? Finding themselves is one cliché action that hurt people casually settle with in order to move on. The same goes with Emily, who broke up with her fiancé after discovering his dark secret. She decided to permanently cut her ties with her and build a fresh start in life. Visiting her mother on the other side of the world was the least idea she has in mind, but she tried anyway.

Going to England to visit her mother, Emily started to move on with her life and leave her past behind America. She was clueless where to start but she was absolutely sure of one thing – she is not interested in getting into another relationship after what her fiancé did. But everything changes when she meets this handsome, perfect stranger who happens to be the Prince of England.

What would Emily do? Will she be able to find herself loving again, this time, with a prince?

With 100 million reads, International Author Gabriela Cabezut made her readers believe that fairy tale endings can still exist at times like this.

“Prince with Benefits” is now available at ABS-CBN Books’ Facebook page, Shopee, and Lazada. Grab a copy now!