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Unboxing the “horror” of Arlo Icabandi’s writing process

NoInk   |   24 January 2020

Is horror a genre hard to write? Know about our horror books author Arlo Icabandi's process!

Beneath a great story horror lies the process of one brilliant mind, and in our case, that is of Arlo Icabandi’s. Writing to share horrifying and mind-blowing stories, NoInk feature author shares his process in fabricating stories which can provide us goosebumps and good jump scares through this interview.

A writer’s gem is his or her writing genre. When focused, writers can ace their chosen genre and become more acknowledged with their craft. When asked, Arlo Icabandi tells that his love for horror stories at a very young age is the root for all his scary reads. His preference with horror reads goes to folklores up to local legends and mythologies. He also adds that watching the local horror-telling show that aired before, “Magandang Gabi Bayan” has also contributed to his fascination for this genre. Lastly, he also points a finger to his horror story telling (and listening) to his relatives, particularly with his cousins, who would love to try making him get scared with their narratives.

Aside from these, Arlo mentions that his literary inspiration list includes R. L. Stine (international), Edgar Calabia Samar, and DyslexicParanoia (local). He started reading the Goosebumps series of Stine when he was in high school. If you’re looking for an inspiration or two in writing horror stories, take the word from our featured author and start reading their works.

Writers usually aim for uniqueness with their stories. We also asked Arlo how he makes sure he writes original ideas from scratch for a whole concept. He says, “I read a lot of horror books from the past. I learned how to put a twist in the middle of my stories to ensure that I will surprise the reader.” For him, adding plot twists is the key to make one story stand out from thousands of stories written by other writers.

Meanwhile, when asked what fuels him to continue telling stories, he says by telling them, in a way, he feels like he “can share a piece of me to my readers.” He also adds that he experiences receiving messages from his writers, saying he inspires them to become an author also someday. He also mentions, “that power to influence other people is one of the best feature of being a writer.”

Arlo Icabandi’s writing tips

When giving out writing tips, Arlo Icabandi keeps it short but informative:

  • READ AS MANY BOOKS AS YOU CAN: For Arlo, this is helpful in gathering many ideas, which can also help you in creating expanded scenarios and different angles of these ideas. This is also one way to sharpen your imagination.
  • MAKE AN OUTLINE: Arlo tells, “Kaya maraming unfinished stories dahil most of the time writers fail to make a draft of their story from beginning to end.”

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