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The writer without specific genre: Get to know Jamille Fumah

NoInk   |   28 November 2019

Know the secrets of Jamille Fumah when it comes to writing!

Known for her enticing, sensual, yet witty way of writing, Jamille Fumah has definitely captured the mind and interest of local readers in the country. This is why her stories are one of the most read and famous ones on online writing sites. Her published work with ABS-CBN Books “Babysitting the Billionaire” is just one of her most-loved novels. In this article, we’ll get to know more about her and her writing style and process.

Jamille has been a published multi-genre author (both online and in print) since 2014. Measuring these years in the writing industry, it can be said that she brings life to writing and that writing is her life. When asked why she writes, this is what she has to say:

Writing for me is an amazing way to express my ideas and to connect with the other world-- The fiction world. Fulfilling siya para sa akin, pakiramdam ko habang nagsusulat ako, nabuhuhay ako at namamatay at nabubuhay ulit. Nang paulit-ulit. Iba-ibang klase ng buhay. I really enjoy writing because it has so much freedom. Nagagawa ko ang gusto ko. Pakiramdam ko direktor ako ng buhay ng ibat-ibang tao sa loob ng kwento.

Don’t we just all feel the same when we also write? This, we share as a common denominator with Jamille. Writing brings us to the cycle of life – birth, living, death, and given life again. Maybe, this is also why her stories have so much life, especially in terms with her characters.

Jamille has been writing since she was just a little girl. According to her, she first wrote when she was on the first grade, instantly fell in love with it, then came up with the brilliant idea of making in a business, alongside with her mini drawings. Her adventure as a writer blossomed during this time as well, when she would be selling her comic-styled works to her classmates.

In terms of commitment with writing, Jamille has a deeper connection with the art as she declares to be writing everyday. No matter what her ideas would be – even if they are not synchronized with one another, she makes sure of writing daily. She says, “I spent my 80% of the day writing. Kung saan abutan, doon ako magsusulat so wala talagang writing process. I'm a fulltime writer kaya araw-araw nasa harapan ako ng pc o laptop man. Kahit saan, kahit kailan.”

Our featured author has one revelation about her writing: She creates characters who are far from her personality. She shares that she writes and give lives to them because she knows she will not be like them. She tells, “Kung mapapansin ng mga readers, halos karamihan ng mga characters ko ay matatapang, wise, malalaya, mga bagay yan sana ganun ako. May pagka negative akong tao but once I am writing the lives of my characters, nagbabago ang pakiramdam ko. Nagiging malakas ako sa tingin ko.”

Jamille’s writing career also comes with surprises, and one memorable part for her made her say that it’s a small world, after all.

Nakaka-surprised na marami pala talagang nagbabasa ng fiction, at ng story ko. Maliit pala talaga ang mundo. Nakakagulat na isa sa mga reader ko na nagreach out sa akin ay dati kong teacher nung grade 1 ako. I remember pa nung pinatayo niya ako kasi nga nahuli niya akong hindi nakikinig sa klase because I was busy writing stories. Yup, small world! And she's one my readers now! Nakilala ko siya because she bought 10K worth of my books, pag ganun kasi kailangan ko pirmahan at magthank you. Dun kami nagkagulatan. Masaya.”\

If we were in her shoes, for sure, we’ll also be surprised as well!

Lastly, when asked for some writing tips, this is what Jamille has to say:

The only tip na mabibigay ko sa pagsusulat ay sulat lang nang sulat. Kusa naman magfflow ang ideas once nasa loob ka na ng mundong ginagawa mo. At kung mahal mo ang pagsusulat, madali na sa 'yo makabuo ng isang libro. Saka mo na lang iedit kapag buo na, sumulat ka muna nang malaya.

Will you be following her tip?


Rosenda is a breadwinner and a product of someone’s terrible past. That someone is her mother who used to work overseas and has a significant other waiting for her return in the Philippines. But while working abroad in the hopes of getting a better future, her mother was raped. Rosenda has to pay for that horrible event all her life. Her step-father loathes her big time. Her mother shows her no affection and often reminds her how lucky she is that she decided to let her live.

Rosenda’s willing to do anything to make them realize her worth. To make them love her. She postpones her dreams for her family’s basic needs. She stops her studies so her step-sister, Ruby, can go to college. With the height and attractive features of a half-German half-Filipino, Rosenda easily finds a job as a promo girl.

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A tall and impossibly gorgeous man will steal not only her sandwhich but also her heart. Rosenda is bound to fall for someone she barely know but feels like family who understands her pain and longing to be loved.

He will save her from the bad guys.

She will call him Jumbo.

He will trigger an unknown desire.

And while searching for love, acceptance, and the truth, they’ll end up playing with fire.

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