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Binibining Mia’s I Love You Since 1892 dominates National Book Store’s bestselling list for January

NoInk   |   21 January 2020

What is your favorite Carmela and Juanito moment?

Today, we live in a fast paced modern society where everything is technological in a sense, and this makes the love for “I Love You Since 1892” series amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

Since the first publishing of the first book, Binibining Mia has done a great job in taking us back to the world of 1892, re-telling stories about the kind of love and lifestyle Filipinos have during their time. It’s great to see how the younger generation has been welcoming with the kind of romance Binibining Carmela and Ginoong Juanito shared during their time.

For the start of the new decade, the “I Love You Since 1892” series continue to rule the bestselling list of National Book Store, with the individual books taking the respective number 1-5, 8, and 10 slots on the list for fiction books. Meanwhile, the “I Love You Since 1892” box set is placed on the 7th spot.

What is your favorite Carmela and Juanito moment?

Congratulations, Binibining Mia! Your ABS-CBN Books and NoInk family is proud of you!