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K-Pop group Noir is the official ambassador of Gangwon-do in the Philippines!

NoInk   |   23 August 2019

*flies to Gangwon*

Are you a K-Pop fan, let alone a Lumiere? Rejoice, for the K-Pop group Noir is named as the Gangwon-do’s official ambassador in the Philippines!

Gangwon-do is a province in South Korea that is known for its breathtaking nature and at the same time, the home of Korean dramas or K-dramas. Several tourist spots in the said province can be sighted in scenes of K-dramas like Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, and Winter Sonata.

According to an article by Metro.Style, Noir was chosen to represent Gangwon province in our country for the “warm and passionate” love Filipino Lumieres (or Noir’s fans) have for the group. The same passion is present to Noir in promoting the Gangwon province, which led them to being the ambassador of the province.

Lumieres, are you excited with this news?

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