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LIST: Be inspired with these ABS-CBN Books’ published titles!

NoInk   |   10 December 2019

The inspiration you need is one page away with these books!

Sometimes, all we need is a dose of inspiration to keep us going and start afresh. Whether your stress comes from work, responsibilities, or even from a heartbreak, we have a couple of reads to help you take the first step towards recovery.

All That Matters by Francis Kong

Maybe we are not even aware of the smallest things but Francis Kong would like to remind us that all things matter in our lives, may it be our work, character, family, and even life as a whole. This book would tell a breakdown of different topics in various life concerns that we encounter everyday. It also promises to help us improve ourselves and even become a leader in our own ways.

The Happy Entrepreneur by Ardy Roberto

Follow Eddie and Tim’s story with this book as they go on an adventure in discovering a successful business life. Although this book is a work of fiction, it will take its readers to the struggles and realities faced by local entrepreneurs in the business scene. Relatable and easy to read, “The Happy Entrepreneur” will definitely give you the inspiration in trying again in order to claim your success.

Winning For Life by Denis Waitley

We may wonder – how do we even win in life? Life is full of challenges, and we have so much thoughts we’re confused whether we believe it or not. “Winning For Life” is here to help you win and gain control of your thoughts, attitudes, decisions, habits, and your future. This book will not just motivate you; it will also guide you towards becoming a better professional and a wiser human being.

Maybe You’ll Love Me When You’re Gone by Neil Jed Castro

If you’re having a bad shape regarding your self-worth and view of yourself, Neil Jed Castro’s “Maybe You’ll Love Me When You’re Gone” can help you uplift your spirits. This book contains a collection of poetry and prose which recognizes the feelings of women in every season of her life.

What If It’s Too Late by Neil Jed Castro

Another poetry collection by Neil Jed Castro, “What If It’s Too Late” is a journey of a broken heart to see how it can become a blessing in disguise. The heartaches and the process of healing in between will be discussed in this book. Neil Jed has promised also that there will come a day when our hearts will become whole again, we just need to find their strength in being broken.

Mid-September Letters by Soyen

Love is a universal subject, and in writing, love can be greatly expressed. This is what Soyen did with her book “Mid-September Letters”, which is a collection of her poetry about love and life in general. These letters are also helpful in figuring out oneself and his or her place in the world.

Grab these books on National Bookstore branches nationwide, ABS-CBN Books’ Facebook page, Shopee, and Lazada.