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NoInk   |   04 May 2020

Nabitin ka ba sa pinapanood mong K-drama? Create your own ending here!

We cannot deny that the Korean entertainment has appealed so much to us. From music to movies, we’ve been crazy about their stories and songs, and no wonder that we are also in love with their drama and TV series. Since we spend more time on our homes this quarantine season and everything is accessible on digital nowadays, watching Korean dramas (or K-Dramas) have become easier with our devices. Whether it’s on Netflix or other streaming sites, we sure have a lot of options to watch, with which we can all relate and feel mixed emotions throughout the story.

As viewers, we all have varying feelings for the ending of stories. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t, and there are times that we feel disappointed with the endings given to us. Has it occurred to you what can happen if the K-drama you’re watching has ended differently? Would you like to try creating your own version of ending for your favorite K-dramas?

Here at NoInk, we can make that possible! Submit your alternate endings now on our site and we’ll publish them online and feature them on ABS-CBN Books’ and NoInk’s social media accounts!


  • Join and create an account if you don’t have one yet. If you have, you need to log in to start writing. Still confused on how to submit your work to NoInk? Read this article:
  • Any K-Drama you’d want to write an alternate ending to is accepted!
  • Be creative and enjoy writing! You can also create plot twists and tear-jerking endings if you like. It’s all up to you! The more creative and heartfelt, the higher the chance for your entry to be featured and published on our social media sites.
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