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Say hello to the Korean wave in the Philippines with “Hello, Hallyu”!

NoInk   |   18 March 2020

*shows finger hearts*

Who isn’t familiar with Korean dramas and K-pop songs nowadays? People of almost all ages have heart one K-pop song or have seen a scene from a Korean drama in their lives, and we are not consciously aware that the Korean pop culture has already invaded us.

These days, teenage girls up to young adults are the majority of those who are head over heels on Korean celebrities and musicians. The Korean fever did not stop there, though, as Filipinos dig deeper on Korean entertainment by also watching their produced films and TV shows. Even with food, we have tried to make our own versions of Korean dishes and dine in on Korean restaurants. Since Korean artists are also packaged to be beautiful and angelic in their physical attributes, Filipinos also aligned themselves in achieving the kind of skin that Koreans have, thus the rise of popularity of Korean beauty and cosmetic products in the country.

How do we explain this fever, though? What makes Koreans and their culture very appealing for Filipinos? Tracing back, “hallyu” or the Korean fever, has been here around 2003, but the friendship of Korea and the Philippines has started way back in 1949. But what we consume now from Korea is the kind of entertainment that is one of a kind, and the kind that hooks us up with them.

Now, ABS-CBN Books has been invaded with the Korean fever, too! We’re greeting this with our new book called “Hello, Hallyu” by Aya Villa-real, once a K-pop fangirl, now a concert organizer. As a fellow K-Pop fan and Korean culture enthusiast, she understands the struggles in knowing and understanding all about Korea and the Korean culture.

“Hello, Hallyu” features four prominent names in the Korean culture world in each category – Music, dramas, and even beauty. The book comes in 4 different covers – one with EXO, Momoland, Noir, and Park Bo Gum, and each has a lengthy feature about them. Get to know about your favorite oppa or K-Pop group, learn more about the culture, and know how to be K-Beautified with our new read to offer.

Watch out for "Hello, Hallyu" by Aya Villa-Real soon!