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Isa Pa With Feelings: Look back at Mara and Gali’s story plus more here in ABS-CBN Books!

NoInk   |   13 November 2019

Will they get the answers they seek if they say what they really feel?

Two people with something broken – a broken spirit and a broken heart. This is how Mara (Maine Mendoza) and Gali (Carlo Aquino) met. Without speaking, Mara and Gali try to communicate and connect their hearts together as they find comfort and companionship with one another. How will they be able to support, and eventually, complete each other?

You can now go back to the feels and read the original screenplay of “Isa Pa With Feelings” by Jen Chuaunsu and Katherine Labayen with ABS-CBN Books because the book version of this movie is now out! Read the original script and learn more about the movie’s production process and behind the scenes with the exclusive content included in this book like interviews with the cast and crew, and behind-the-scene photos from the prep work to the filming of the book.

Know what’s the best part of this book? The ending of the film is extended here in “Isa Pa With Feelings” The Original Screenplay! There’s definitely more on the story of Mara and Gali!

Grab your copies of “Isa Pa With Feelings” The Original Screenplay now on ABS-CBN Books’ Facebook page, Shopee, and Lazada for only P225.