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May Libro Para Sa'yo: Here’s a list of must-read books this time of quarantine

NoInk   |   30 April 2020

Rediscover the Joy of Reading in the time of COVID-19

Being under a lockdown doesn’t mean we should also close our doors for the world of exploration and discovery. As the “new norm” stresses the importance of social distancing, staying at home, working remotely and spending more time with family, people are finding ways on how they can still express their creativity and widen their knowledge even without having to go outside.

Books find us when we need them the most. There are stories of hope and sources of inspiration and knowledge that we can indulge ourselves to during this quarantine season. Reading can help us bounce back and motivate ourselves during the time of pandemic, if we find the right ones to read. After all, reading is therapeutic and may be a useful coping mechanism against the stress and anxiety this quarantine brought us.

You may want to distract yourself with our recommended titles in a wide selection of genre.

Stupid is Forever and Stupid is Forevermore by Miriam Defensor-Santiago

A back-to-back package of the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s collection of works expressing wit, intelligence, and valor, Stupid is Forever and Stupid is Forevermore are exceptional bestsellers, both of which can teach a lot. From funny one-liners, to pick-up lines, and in-depth reflection on speeches, the Miriam Magic is immortal with these books. #MiriamIsForever

Maybe You’ll Love Me When I’m Gone by Neil Jed Castro

How do you love a girl who struggles in life and love? One thing’s for sure: There is no manual for that. But there are ways on how you could understand her better. “Maybe You’ll Love Me When I’m Gone” is a collection of short stories and essays, musings and realizations on how a girl loves and dedicates her heart for people and the things she likes doing the most.

What If It’s Too Late by Neil Jed Castro

A broken heart is hard to mend but it can make us stronger once we’ve been healed. In his second book, Neil Jed Castro talked about how a broken heart feels deeper and more once it speaks up. There is a blessing in disguise in having a broken heart, and that is the hope that it will be whole again in the future – a healed heart filled with so much love can love again… better, stronger, and braver.

Tutoy by Jose Mari Viceral

Before becoming Vice Ganda, he was Tutoy first. Learn life gems with this book as you flip the pages and enter the world of Tutoy. Know the unkabogable phenomenal superstar deeper as Vice Ganda opens himself, his childhood, family, dreams, and even struggles with acceptance, as he narrates us his life before becoming who he is now.

Scarlet Snow’s My First Prayer Book 

It’s best to teach kids the value and importance of prayer at a young age and with this book, parents can introduce easy-to-follow prayers for specific topics like praying before eating, prayer when you wake up, before going to school, and going to sleep. As Scarlet Snow’s parents said, there is no correct way to pray, but this book is hopeful to teach our little children to have that personal connection and relationship with God that they can cherish and bring with them for the rest of their lives.

Babysitting the Billionaire (Books 1 to 3) by Jamille Fumah

A witty tale of adult romance, this steamy and sexy read about the billionaire Jumbo and the hilarious and admirable heroine Rosenda is definitely a must-read for romance lovers. Rosenda’s witty and relatable thoughts will get readers hooked with the story, and the plot also tells about our female lead’s struggles on life, family, and even her feelings with Jumbo.

Make Love Not War by Senyora and Senator Nancy Binay

Social media can both be a positive and negative space for anybody. It is all up to users on how they can use them wisely. In this book, complete opposites Senyora Santibanez and Senator Nancy Binay connected the wavelengths of their minds to come up with a book that serves as a reminder that in everything that we do, no matter where we are (online or offline), it is always important to be kind always. Remember to make love, not war, with the people around you.

All That Matters and Leadership That Matters by Francis Kong

Books can really prove to us that they can teach us the most important lessons we can encounter, and these two books from inspirational writer Francis Kong live to tell the tale. Life is full of “matters” that we should be aware of, and with “All That Matters” and “Leadership That Matters”, our author teaches us how to value what really matter in life and how we can be the best leaders we can in the fields where we belong.

I Love You Since 1892 series by Binibining Mia

How often do we hear stories of love from our historical roots? With her immense love for history, Binibining Mia wrote this phenomenal story of Binibining Carmela, who travelled back in time and lived as one of her ancestors (Binibining Carmelita) and Ginoong Juanito, the love interest of Carmelita. As Carmela stays in 1892 as Carmelita, she discovers more about her family’s story from this era and also falls in love with Juanito. “I Love You Since 1892” is an unforgettable story of a love that will try to defy time and chances.

Sirene by Binibining Mia

One of the newest additions to the ABS-CBN Books’ Library, Sirene sets on the historical era of World War II in the Philippines. This is a fantasy romance story of Sirene, a legendary mermaid who happens to be real, and Kolas, a mischievous young lass who has to pay his debt to Sirene. As they travel to earn back what Sirene lost because of Kolas, they discover more about each other.

This time of the Enhance Community Quarantine, let us give chances for new worlds to unfold to us because there will always be a book (or two) for us. Are you ready to take a journey of life learnings and new beginnings?

Our books are available on our online stores (Shopee, Lazada, and Facebook) and major book stores nationwide.

Tandaan, may libro para sa’yo. Stay safe, Kapamilya!