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How to keep on reading everyday

NoInk   |   10 May 2020

Develop the habit of reading on a daily basis!

Reading is both a hobby and habit at the same time, but most readers keep on doing it just as a hobby. There are people who take interest in reading but find their busy schedules as a reason to really start flipping pages and digesting plots presented by a book. There are also long-time readers who find themselves struggling finishing a book easily. No matter what kind of reader you are, this article aims to help you develop that habit of everyday reading and finding the right book for you.

Set your goal

Ask yourself why do you want to read a book – is it for fun? For entertainment? For new learnings? From here, you can be motivated to finally start reading again. Set your reading goals to be realistic with your lifestyle, too.

Carry a book with you all the time

It is helpful to have a book with you all the time if you’re determined to develop the reading habit everyday. Because of the accessibility, this helps to enable you read wherever you are, whenever you can – may it be riding the train, enjoying your me time on a café, or running errands.

Track what you read

Keep a list of the books you finished, books you’re currently reading, and books you want to read in the future to double check the titles you’ve read and are still reading. This also helps you discover the kind of books that you like and the genre you’re comfortable reading.

Write about what you read

Writing can help retain the information, learnings, and feelings from books. Why not try to create a reading journal for your reading journey? Write about the summary of the book you’ve finished or currently reading, reflect on the chapters and characters you like and hate the most, or write a review after you finished reading a book – you can do all of these on your reading journal. It is nice to read about your adventures and reflections on a book again whenever you want to.

Always remember: May libro para sa iyo

No matter how challenging you find reading everyday can be, a book will always find its way to you. You only have to find it. There’s a book out there, waiting for you to read and take on adventure with its characters and story.

Are you ready to enter a new world with books? Pick up a book now and start reading wherever you are. - AJ Villamar