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Will you stop, in the name of love?

NoInk   |   22 November 2019

Prince and Rhian met in the most unexpected time. Will they fall in love in the most unexpected manner, too?

A struggling nun-to-be and a recovering basketball player met in the most unexpected manner, that’s when Rhian and Prince’s story started. Rhian, a certified probinsyana, went to Manila for a mission – to go to Rome and be a full-pledge nun in order to save the orphanage where she grew up. That’s where he met Prince, in Cubao, who accused her of theft.

Prince Harris Smith takes the blame for the death of his girlfriend Ana. With the guilt in his heart and spirit, he changed and has never played on court again… not until Rhian happened. Not until Rhian entered his life and his family.

The Smith family has openly welcomed Rhian in their home and they even entered her in the university where Prince and his siblings are studying. For Prince, his parents may have trusted some stranger whom he even accused of a crime for quite an outrageous manner, but little did he know how much Rhian’s presence can change his perspective in life. Will Rhian help Prince finally recover from the guilt engulfing him regarding Ana’s death? Or will Rhian turn out to be something more for him?

Here’s AB Castueras’ newest published offering under ABS-CBN Books, “Stop In The Name of Love! Amen!”. Grab a copy to follow Rhian and Prince’s journey towards love, dreams, and even forgiveness.

“Stop In The Name of Love! Amen!” is available on major bookstores nationwide, ABS-CBN Books’ Facebook shop, Shopee, and Lazada for only P195.