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NoInk’s new published author: Meet VixenneAnne, the brains behind “Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreak

NoInk   |   11 September 2019

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VixenneAnne seems to be one funny gal with the guts to write stories and share them to the world. This is what NoInk has gathered with our interview with our new published author, who has a lot of positive energy within her.

“Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreaker”’s author seemed to love it when her writings get feedback. When asked why she loves telling stories through writing, she said that it’s because of her desire to entertain people, “Bata pa lang ako mahilig na akong gumawa ng kwento at magkwento sa mga kalaro ko, yung tuwang nakikita ko sa mga mata nila habang inaabangan ang susunod na pangyayari ay nagbibigay sa akin ng ibang klaseng saya. Nang madiscover ko ang online writing like NOINK, I was able to amplify my means of telling stories, I was able to gain more audience, not just family and close friends. Reading comments about how they love my works, or even sometimes they would say how they hate it, good or bad, it motivates me to write some more. Regardless of what the audience say, the fact that they are reading it and taking sometime to tell me how they feel about it, is the joy of writing for me.”

Her love to entertain and inspire other people through her stories is very evident to her. When asked why she writes, she confesses that she views writing as an avenue of the impossible or hard to attain in real life – in her words, you can write something impossible that will be acceptable for novels. She also adds that through writing, our perspective and understanding in life widens, which drives us to become better individuals with deep wisdom. 

Meanwhile, when given the option to collaborate with other authors, VixenneAnne is not yet that open with the idea, although she would love to try in in the future to go out of her comfort zone. She explains that she opted for this answer because first, she has other life priorities and she only writes for her free time, and that she is not the type of writer who would love to have someone to comment much on the plot that she has in mind. Yet, she is not closing her doors for this.

VixenneAnne’s writing tips:

“Writing tip ko para sa mga aspiring writers din d’yan: Magsulat kayo ng mula sa puso. Alam mo kaagad kong maganda ang impact ng kwentong ginagawa mo sa maraming tao kung maganda ang impact nito sa’yo mismo. Ikaw ang unang-unang fan ng sinusulat mong nobela. Kagaya ng lagi kong sinasabi sa mga nagtatanong sa akin, kung tagos sa puso ang pagsulat mo, tagos din ito sa puso ng mga readers mo. Huwag magsulat ng bara-bara, nang basta lang makagawa ng isang paragraph just for the sake na matapos ang kwentong gusto mo, kung naaalatan ka sa ginagawa mo, malamang maaalatan din ang ibang tao.”

Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreaker

“Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreaker” is NoInk’s new story to be published as a book. Written by VixenneAnne, the story revolves around an Engineer and an Architect. Architect Isabel is someone who has a strong personality and is very successful with her career but when it comes to her personal life, she hasn’t found her perfect match yet. She now desires to have a baby of her own but she doesn’t have any partner, so it’s quite impossible at the given situation. Meanwhile, Engineer Cole looks like a happy-go-lucky guy on the outside but only a few knows that he’s a very successful and one of the most intelligent engineers in America. He’s got the looks, the money, and the power, which may have pulled the architect’s interest. The book’s genre is romantic comedy, which is perfect for those who would love to obtain ‘kilig’ vibes while laughing their hearts out.

“Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreaker” will be available at the 40th Manila International Book Fair!