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Oppa Spotlight: Park Bo Gum

NoInk   |   06 May 2020

Get to know more about Park Bo Gum in this article!

K-Drama definitely has shaped our preferences in the stories we consume as viewers. Its undeniable charm goes a long way from the unique stories, crazy plot twists, and attractive characters, and these contribute to the reasons why we get hooked in binge-watching these shows.

As we watch, we get to love the characters as well, and sometimes, our love for them extends to the actors and actresses who portray these characters. With this, K-Drama casts share the popularity of their shows and become icons of themselves. One of these is Park Bo Gum, who has been popular in the Philippines, both for his angelic features and superb acting skills.

Let’s get to know more about Park Bo Gum with this article!

Park Bo Gum is a Gemini

Park Bo Gum was born in June 16, 1993, which makes him a Gemini. Geminis are known to be adaptable, easy-going, enthusiastic, and social beings, traits which can be seen with Park Bo Gum as well.

He is multitalented

He is not just a pretty face because he can do tons of things! Not only he can act, but he can also sing as well. Growing up, he is an active choir member in church. He graduated as a Musical Theater Major from Myoungju University and he wanted to be a singer-songwriter. He is really musically inclined because he knows how to play the piano. Aside from this, Bo Gum is also a talented host. In fact, he hosted the music variety show “Music Bank” in 2015. His English is also really good.

He is athletic

Aside from acting and music, he also participated in sports and was very active during his years as a student. He was a member of his school’s varsity swimming team.

He started with a supporting role

His debut in the Korean entertainment industry happened with a supporting role in a thriller movie. He played as the main lead’s younger brother in the thriller film Blind in 2011.

As for his growth as an actor, he also starred in Reply 1988 as Choi Taek, and this led him to his title as “Nation’s Little Brother”. Then, he landed on his major break in the historical K-Drama Love in the Moonlight in 2016, playing the role of Crown Prince Lee Yong. He also had a lead role in Encounter with Song Hye Kyo. Love in the Moonlight and Encounter were both aired in ABS-CBN.

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