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Get the new Marites Allen 2018 Feng Shui App!

NoInk   |   21 February 2018

To boost your chances of success this Year of the Earth Dog.

Feng Shui expert, Marites Allen launches Philippines’ first and only Feng Shui App this Year of the Earth Dog. Navigate 2018 with confidence to boost your chances of success and access to the entire calendar for planning and matching important activities and decisions with auspicious dates.

Developed by Philippine-based digital solutions company Synergy88 Digital, the highly informative app also includes a list of unsuitable activities to consider, to boost users’ chances of success, and also caution them on the possibility of unfortunate occurrences. 

Allen first launched her 2018 horoscope books such as alamanac, planner, and fortune forecast.In partnership with ABS-CBN Publishing, this innovative provide excellent guide this lunar new year. Android users may now download it from Google Play (click here to download) and it will soon be available for downloads on iOS.


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