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A Cappella ala VJ Rosales

NoInk   |   03 August 2018

Let's get to know more about the "Musical Director" of the Filharmonics

Being a Pinoy pride himself, VJ Rosales of the Filharmonics came back home in the Philippines. He paid a visit to his father's hometown in Bataan and went to Manila to meet his fans and to promote the efforts of the a cappella group.

Since the time when he became a contestant on NBC's The Voics Season 3, and when the group joined NBC's musical competition, "The Sing-Off," which is a program showcases top a cappella groups performing without lip-syching, back-up music or bands, the Filharmonics has made waves to Hollywood. Aside from TV guestings on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," they were also featured on the Universal Pictures hit movie, "Pitch Perfect2."

To enlighten us with more about him, let us watch this video and be amazed how he hits the high notes while answering!

We hope you had fun watching and also trying to answer the questions hitting the high notes yourself! And now, here is a story of him experiencing traffic in Manila. 

If you want to hear more of VJ Rosales and the Filharmonics, you can listen to their songs on Spotify. You can also follow their youtube channels, VJ Rosales and The Filharmonics; their website,