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Get lucky this 2018! Meet and greet with feng shui expert, Marites Allen

NoInk   |   31 January 2018

Bring harmony, hope and good fortune this Chinese New Year!

Join the Philippine Feng Shui Queen, Marites Allen as she welcomes the Year of the Earth Dog this coming Saturday February 3, 2018 3PM at National Book Store, Trinoma. The feng shui master released the books of 12 zodiacs compiled in the Chinese New Year 2018 Must Haves.

As of today, she’s the first and only Filipina to be awarded the prestigious title “Master in Feng Shui” by the world-renowned International Feng Shui Association. The guru is set to give guides for full and daily advice on suitability and conflict regarding family, love, money, power, career and more based on feng shui. The collection consists of an almanac, a planner, and a fortune forecast per Chinese zodiac for the Year of the Earth Dog.

In celebration for the upcoming Chinese New Year this February 16, Marites hints, “The eleventh animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog, takes over as the ruling animal of the year. There will be celebrations and not just in Chinese communities in many Asian countries. The tradition has clearly earned recognition in many places all over the world.”

To know more about your conflict signs, secret friends and allies, collect all “Chinese New Year 2018 Must Haves” by Marites Allen, distributed by ABS-CBN Publishing, available in FRIGGA Charmed Life Boutiques and leading book stores nationwide.


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