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Thank you, Frontliners!

NoInk   |   01 April 2020

Let's give the gratitude that they deserve by sending them letters, poems, and stories to inspire them!

At this time of a global crisis, there are people who still continue to serve the public in order to keep everyone safe as much as possible. Called as our "frontliners", these doctors, health workers, grocery and food establishment staff, the police and military, and even our media friends, risk their health everyday to ensure that our everyday routine can still be bearable and normal. See, not all heroes need to wear capes to be considered one!

Our frontliners are our modern-day heroes who deserve our gratitude. Show how thankful you are to them by submitting a letter, poem, and even stories, that you dedicate for their bravery in this uncertain time!


  • Join and create an account if you don’t have one yet. If you have, you need to log in to start writing. Still confused on how to submit your work to NoInk? Read this article:
  • Your letters, poems, and stories for our brave frontliners don’t have limits as long as these remain respectful and positive.
  • Keep your letters and poems coming! Who knows? You can brighten the day of a frontliner with your submission!

A big thank you for all our Filipino frontliners! We continue to pray for your safety and health.