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Why join a book club?

NoInk   |   09 August 2019

Socialize while enjoying your reads with ABS-CBN Book Club!

Books have helped readers to connect with the world, not just in different places, but also to connect with other people of other stories, other locations, and other beliefs and opinions.

Even before the digital age where people can instantly communicate with one another, book clubs have paved the way for book lovers to socialize with each other. In book clubs, people get to discuss the books that they love and to discuss their thoughts. Aside from this, there are other benefits of joining a book club like:

Book clubs can help you understand the book you’re reading in a better shape

Is there something that you’re confused with in your current read? Your co-book club members may help you understand the text more with their insights.

Book clubs are also open to discussing stories that aren’t printed

Books are not the sole source of stories but book clubs are welcome for stories that are not from paper. Members are open to discuss stories about the society and such.

Book clubs can help you discover more reading genre

Since you’re associating yourself with other readers, you’ll be more exposed with other kinds of books and sometimes, you’ll surprise yourself by trying to read the other genres that you haven’t engaged with.

Book clubs can bring more friends in your life

Honestly, book friends are one of the best people you can have in your life. You’ll be able to discuss your favorite books more confidently with them because they can understand and relate to you in a deeper sense, and there’s no fear of judgement in loving books that much.

Book lovers can now gather in an instant with the help of the internet, that’s why here at ABS-CBN Books, we made a way to connect to more readers of our books. This became possible with ABS-CBN Book Club on Facebook.

ABS-CBN Book Club is a place where the ABS-CBN Books team interact with its readers through funny, entertaining, and engaging Facebook posts. Additionally, ABS-CBN Book Club prides itself for the exclusive content that it houses for its members. Lastly, the book club offers exclusive promos and discounts, passes, event announcements, and other perks like no other.

If you’re a fan of ABS-CBN’s book offerings but you’re still not a member of ABS-CBN Book Club, what are you waiting for?

Know the details on how to join the Book Club here.

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