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LOOK: ABS-CBN Books’ wittiest memes on Facebook!

NoInk   |   13 August 2019

Memes comin' right up!

In the fast Facebook culture, memes are always present in each scroll we do on the said social media site. They serve as good sources of good vibes in the simplest ways possible. With this, the official Facebook page of ABS-CBN Books consistently follows the trend by creating their own version of the viral memes.

Here’s a list of relatable and the funniest memes from ABS-CBN Books:

Ginoong Juanito

Who can even resist Ginoong Juanito’s charms?!

Choose your fighter: Ipon, pagkain, or discounted books?

Of course, books! Is that even a question?

It’s already 2AM and we’re still reading

… and we’re not ready for the plot twist!!! Give us the answers RIGHT NOW!!!

No more money but more new books? Possible!

Ask us how!

Never enough! Never! Never!

Our book collections will never be enough for us, and yes, we understand. We really do.

Don’t stop by the bookstore or else…

You’ll definitely choose all!

Watch me, sis.

Who says book lovers cannot finish a book in one sitting?

The duality of man

Sure, books can give us a free roller coaster ride… of emotions.

That one friend who loves to spoil endings…

Unfriend him… unfriend him now!


Boring?! You must be fun at parties. *silently judges you*

Aren’t they provider of good laughs?

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