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Read your way towards financial success with ABS-CBN Books’ finance books!

NoInk   |   29 January 2020

Get your financial lives ready and secured this 2020 with these finance books from ABS-CBN Books!

As the world constantly changes around us, the value of things also undergo change. This applies even to our finances, and nowadays, people – especially the youth – find it difficult to manage their finances. Finance experts extend their help by giving out advices in forms of social media posts and/or physical reads, and here at ABS-CBN Books, we have some finance books to help everyone with their money woes.

Iwas Buwis-It: What to do When Tax Attacks by Mon Abrea

Worried or having troubles in ensuring you get your taxes paid on time? Still confused on what type of taxes you have to pay? Worry no more because The Philippine Tax Whiz Mon Abrea is willing to help you make your tax dues stress-free! Complete with information about all types of taxes in the Philippines, this book is a must-have for everyone who is employed, a freelancer, or someone who engages in businesses. Learn how to deal with taxes in a relaxed manner with “Iwas Buwis-it: What to do When Tax Attacks” !

Pera Ni Mister, Pera Ni Misis by Chinkee and Nove Ann Tan

The marriage life also comes with financial responsibilities. Real-life husband and wife Chinkee and Nove Ann Tan take turns in teaching married couples on how to deal with their finances and avoid financial stress with their book “Pera ni Mister, Pera ni Misis”. 10 chapters covering each kind of financial difficulties couples normally deal with are featured and discussed in this book, all of which are helpful for solving problems in a marriage. Save money and your marriage with this book!

FQ: The nth Intelligence by Rose Fres Fausto

Knowing FQ or your financial intelligence quotient is important but training yourself about this matter presses more importance in our lives. Author Rose Fres Fausto tells that with FQ, a person’s capability to make decisions that will affect his or her financial management skills, can help him or her to achieve financial freedom. If this is what you are looking for in your financial aspect, then this book will serve as your angel this year.

Here’s to a year of financial success! Grab a copy of these books to know more about financial success for 2020.