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Get to know Isabel Funtalva, the award-winning architect from “Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreaker”

NoInk   |   30 October 2019

Nothing can stop her from achieving her ambitions.

Fully respected, admired, and successful – that’s how people perceive Isabel Funtalva, the very alluring and intelligent famous architect. Isabel has lived through the words of admiration that people throw to her direction, all of which she uses to make herself more successful in every aspect of her life. Yet, little did people know, she actually possesses secrets – deep, dark secrets which all lead her to her destructive actions.

Then she met Engr. Nicholas “Cole” Ramirez, a heartbreaker yet talented engineer. Isabel knows how dangerous he can be so she tries her best not to establish a relationship with him except for work, but Cole is not easy to lose. He’s everywhere she is, and that’s where the flame started to burn her.

In Cole’s own words, Isabel is not a damsel in distress. He recognizes her strength and he adores her for that, but he also knows that Isabel will be the key for his vulnerability, and he can’t lose his control. Both of them can’t.

Behind her confident upbringing with herself and her smiles and jokes, deep inside, Isabel is still the hurt child that she was, and her pain fuels to her desire to get even to those who hurt her. What will be Cole’s role in her dreams and ambitions? Will she be able to successfully fulfill her plans?

“Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreaker” is one of NoInk’s triumphant stories from digital to print. Grab a copy on ABS-CBN Books’ Facebook page, Shopee, and Lazada for only P225.