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EXCLUSIVE: More of Joy and Ethan’s love story on “Hello, Love, Goodbye” The Novel!

NoInk   |   22 August 2019

Will they be able to continue their love story?

Got some hangover with Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richard’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye”? Worry no more because we can give you more with the novel edition of the blockbuster movie!

Written by Charmaine Lasar, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” The Novel is the written version of Joy and Ethan’s love story that blossomed in Hongkong. Yet, the book version isn’t the ordinary one because ABS-CBN Books has prepared some surprises for our Kapamilya readers!

Aside from the story itself, additional narrations on Joy’s backstory in the Philippines, behind-the-scenes and on-set photos, and an epilogue (that was never shown in the film) are exclusively available to read in this book!

Will you be as busy as Joy for this story or are you willing to take the risk like Ethan in gaining more “Hello, Love, Goodbye” feels with this book?

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